We had in season 9 (and sadly not more) Brian Austin Green guest star in 3 episodes: Savior, Metallo, and Upgrade. Which episode do u think he was the best in?

Personally, for me I liked him best in Metallo because he was the villian that was a powerful match against Clark and even though Clark couldnt land a fist on him without hurting himself, i still loved the fight because we all know he uses kryptonite to hurt clark when clark comes close so it only makes sense that they fight but not a direct fight like with zod or titan. He is a villain and should never change like he was in upgrade. As much as I liked him fight against Zod and Kal, I didnt think the fight really worked for me and we shouldnt be cheering for metallo to win it should be clark or kal. Also adding Lois in to the twist was a great way to have him appear.

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