Up above is the link that will show you the storie of each episode that will help you answer this.

In season 10 we have 2 Suicide Squad stories that are the center of 2 episodes and they are:

Shield: Featuring Rick Flagg, Deadshot, and Plastique tagging Oliver, Clark and Carter. Also sadly features Cat Grant. But features the awsome Carter Hall helping Lois

Ambush: Featuring Rick Flag and Warp trying to kill the returned General Sam Lane. Also features thanksgiving, Lucy Lane, and a new level on the clark and lois relationship

Of the 2 I liked Ambush better actually surpringly. I liked Shield because of how cool deadshot was and also michael shanks always makes the episode good but i really hate Cat Grant and to me focusing on her really ruined the episode. She is not fun, annoying, and stupid. Ambush had the lane family back and I really like all of them and it was fun to see Clark and the gang stop Flag and his evil scheme this time.

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