These 2 writers are a writing team that has only written 3 episodes from season 9 to 10. They wrote the incredibly visual Pandora, the Brian Austin Green final episode Upgrade, and one of my favorite episodes Abandoned. Now like I just said my favorite of the 3 is Abandoned because I love Granny Goodness! She is one of the best evil villains of the series along with the appearance and return of desaad and godfrey, mad Harriet was cool played by Justin's wife, the female furies overall and granny's orphange was thrilling, a great sad moment with teri hatcher is the best of the episode and one of the top moments of the series, good appearances of jor-el and lara in human form, and lastly just a overall great script! Great revelations (like tess is a luthor!), great characters and story, all they needed I thought was Oliver but o well. I gave this one a 6 out of 5 stars and its one of my favorite in the series. Second would be Pandora and 3rd is upgrade.

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