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There were 3 episodes that were centered on the Vigilante Registration Act story: Patriot, Icarus, and Collateral all featuring the villains Gen. Slade Wilson and Lt. Trotter along with the Justice League. Which of the 3 were the best?

Patriot: Patriot is directed by Tom Welling himself, features the return of Aquaman but this time with his new wife Mera, shows more about their origions and powers, and shows what's inside the VRA (torture!). Also has Slade WIlson aka Deathstroke torture Oliver Queen and Aquaman.

Icarus: Features the return of many Justice League members mainly Hawkman, Stargirl, and Black Canary. Slade now his comic book like eyepatch and has his deathstroke powers, Hawkman sadly dies, clark and lois get engaged, and the Justice League are on the run and later captured by the VRA.

Collateral: Chloe returns this time with the Suicide Squad members Rick Flag and Deadshot to save the league. Black Canary makes a full appearance, a virtual world is the setting, Clark flys (virtually), chloe kicks a lot of butt (virtually), and the Justice League and Suicide Squad team up and take down the VRA once and for all!

My favorite of the 3 was very hard to choose but I will have to go with Icarus only because I love Hawkman so much as a character! Also Deathstroke was fun, seeing clark and his friends together for their engagement was interesting and we got to see the last of all the league members (full and non appearances). Hawkman being killed and saving the day was very sad and fun and i thought it was a great way for michael to end his character's role.

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