Well we had as you know Darkseid's unholy trinity mainly but he also had help from Lionel, Zod, Slade, etc. so who was your favorite?

Granny Goodness- Most likely Darkseid's first Prophet is responsible for wiping the minds of humans clean to make an army for Darkseid and most notably her team of Female Furies.

Desaad- Most likely Darkseid's most loyal prohet of them all (considering Granny's attempts to try and save tess is not his plan). He is also meant to bind the bodies for vessels of Darkseid and destroy the people who resist him and Granny. He is also shown to be the best at corruption while using the 7 deadly sins and turning Oliver Queen to Darkseid.

Gordon Godfrey- his last needed prophet so maybe not as important. His job is to break the spirits of people for Darkseid's corruption and Granny's army. Godfrey is probably important for being Darkseid's eyes and ears in the worlds balance between peoples choices of light and darkness and lead them to the darkness.

Other recruitments:

General Zod- Darkseid's most powerful ally whose job was to kill Clark Kent for Darkseid's control of Earth to be complete.

General Slade Wilson- Darkseid's recruit to weaken the heroism and light of the heros by creating laws and teams of government troops to stop them.

Lionel Luthor (Earth-2)- Darkseid's probably most important recruit because he has chosen Lionel as his final vessel for his pure darkness in his heart that he was born with

most likely Lex Luthor- resurected Lex to not only fulfill Lionel's deal but most likely to discourage and remove Clark's faith in himself. It worked before Jor-El and Jonathon were there to help him realize his true destiny with flying and Superman.

My favorite- of the Unholy trinity is Granny Goodness because she is just the most villainous and evil I think. of the other recruits I would say my favorite was Zod because Darkseid needed someone strong and cunning and just overall a match for Clark besides himself and he is the one who also made Zod whole (with his phantom and clone merging). Zod was chosen to kill Clark after his prophets had failed and makes total sense that of all people Zod should be the one to kill him but luckily Clark and Oliver were able to defeat him. Between the 2 of them my favorite is Granny tho. I think she is just an awsome villain on the show thank you Christine Wiles your contribution to the show has been loved and Callum's Zod as well. (third favorite is Lex then fourth Lionel)

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