We had 4 best returning Justice League members in the final season and sadly not more then that, but of the 4 who was the best do u think?

Aquaman in Patriot?

Hawkman in Shield and Icarus?

Stargirl in Icarus and Prophecy?

or Black Canary in Icarus and Collateral?

My favorite was definitly Hawkman! I have always been a fan of michael shanks since stargate and I loved his performance and extraordinary role he played in Icarus. Not to mention his butt kicking of Slade that aquaman failed at, stargirl wasnt involved in any fights really, and Black Canary was my second favorite for kicking Lt. Trotter's butt. Hawkman died with honor and was a great fighter and memeber of the League and even though he died, he will return one day.

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