Brainiac. I loved James Marsters he did a incredible job and I especially loved him in season 7. He is my 2nd main reason why I loved Season 7 so much. My only regret is we didnt see more of Brainiac and James. I was tho excited that he was in the 200th episode. Great vilain and even hero (for a episode). In the comics, Lex Luthor is known best as Clark's ultimate enemy, Darkseid is known for the most power of them all, and Brainiac he is the one who destroyed Krypton setting Clark on his path to Superman (also some say Zod and/or Zor-El helped but in most comic incarnations it was Brainiac as the main cause for Krypton's destruction) Brainiac to me is just pure evil and I love how much of a threat he was to Clark. He is the smartest, most diabolical and always has a plan B. With Brainiac his powers are hard to match as he has most of Clark's along with technological abilities making him one of Clark's and Superman's most formidable foes. Thank You James Marsters for your 13 episodes of excellence (even surpassing Sam Witwer's episodes and tieing with Callum Blue's) and even for giving Brainiac a threat on his own in season 8 (also giving a great voice cameo in Abyss). Also for everyone's season 11's I reccomend u use Brainiac as the main antagonist. My 2nd is Lex Luthor and 3rd is Lionel Luthor.

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