• Christian Bale- Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Justin Hartley- Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
  • Michael Rosenbaum- Lex Luthor
  • Heath Ledger- Joker (Flashback)
  • Michael Caine- Alfred Pennyworth
  • Morgan Freeman- Lucius Fox
  • Allison Mack- Chloe Sullivan-Queen
  • Steve Bacic- Vordigan/Dark Archer
  • Tom Welling- Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman (Cameo)


When Lex Luthor' is planning to make a "secret business deal" with Gotham's Billionaire Bruce Wayne.Clark belives Lex is up to no good again.So he sends Oliver to make another deal with Bruce before Lex does.When Oliver as Green Arrow' was in patrol to take down Dark Archer' in Gotham with the help the Former Watchtower Chloe Sullivan who still Oliver's wife.Green Arrow was helped by The Dark Knight himself Batman to take down Dark Archer.He requested to Batman to help him find out why Lex needed Bruce Wayne for this deal.With Batman and Green Arrow working together.Lex has a plan which involves reopening Level 33.1 for another purpose.


  • Green Arrow will have new types of Arrows.
  • Batman tells Oliver his Idenity as Bruce Wayne
  • There be cliffhanger of Lex and a very famous object of his (not his glove)


This is part two of the League formation.


  • Smallville:Brightest Day
  • Smallville:Saviors,Knights and Princesses

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