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    New Wiki Background

    January 21, 2013 by RoR-El

    Hi folks of the Smallville Wiki! I would like to know if we can change the background of the Wiki. The admin Scarecroe agrees with the change, if the community accepts. I suggested two pictures, but they are only suggestions. If someone has something better, you are welcome to suggest. So what do you say?

    pic 1

    pic 2

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  • RoR-El

    After 10 years, I didn't think that producers would give us a final episode so bad. I feel like I really regret having wasted my time watching this series.

    No offense to those who enjoyed the series finale, but after 10 years, they give us this garbage as a conclusion. We know that the show is named Smallville and is about Clark Kent before turning into Superman, but the writers could give us a better ending at least. One of the main reasons why I´ve watched the show was to see Superman as Superman, not just a computer-generated avatar. The desire of Tom Welling of not to be typecast in the role of Superman is ridiculous because he takes ten years playing Clark Kent and has already been typecast as such since everybody know that Clark Kent …

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  • RoR-El

    We known that Chloe traded herself for Oliver after he was abducted by the Suicide Squad. We also known that she saw the future thanks to the Helmet of Nabu but it remains really ambiguous what she really saw. She says that she saw the JL being abducted by the VRA and that that was the reason for what she leaves in first place but then why she goes with the Suicide Squad? Why she did not tell Clark about the squad and asked him to rescue Oliver and later dissapears if she wants to protect her team? We know there was a period of time before she was exchanged for Oliver as she was able to talk to Lois and ask Tess to help her clear the database of the Watchtower.. Here is my point about a plot hole, the history that they had been described w…

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