After 10 years, I didn't think that producers would give us a final episode so bad. I feel like I really regret having wasted my time watching this series.

No offense to those who enjoyed the series finale, but after 10 years, they give us this garbage as a conclusion. We know that the show is named Smallville and is about Clark Kent before turning into Superman, but the writers could give us a better ending at least. One of the main reasons why I´ve watched the show was to see Superman as Superman, not just a computer-generated avatar. The desire of Tom Welling of not to be typecast in the role of Superman is ridiculous because he takes ten years playing Clark Kent and has already been typecast as such since everybody know that Clark Kent is Superman. There was also an excessive use of flashbacks that in the scenes in which they appeared were boring.

Also, after many years of waiting for the return of the original Lex Luthor they give us a stupid story arc for him, although they had previously stated that "Although Lex Luthor was Clark ultimate opponent, he will triumph over him." (Dr. Fate, Absolute Justice). Needless to mention the ridiculous fight between Clark and mache Doomsda... pardon, "Darkseid"(which seemed to have pissed in his pants) or the "triple magical arrows" of Oliver.

There were also inconsistencies in the episode, which by now, and especially for this episode, should have been avoided. Like the fight scene between Clark and Oliver at the chapel, when both break the water source and they were supposed to be wet; or the fact that Tess has left a voice message to Clark instead of a video. Also the effects were short, since Clark supposedly should have heard the beating of two hearts inside Chloe so that the "Chlark" hug scene could have sense (the scene seemed like "Oliver you're a fool") or the fact that instead of saying "LexCorp" says LLXCorp ".

Tess's death was not as I expected, and it seems an affront to Cassidy Freeman that no one of her co-workers has interacted with her in the final and that the death of her character has gone unnoticed.

The only thing salvageable for me from the episode is the story of Lois and the Kents (Jonathan and Martha) and that the producers have canceled the wedding.

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