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  • S.Spano

    With Michael Rosenbaum returning to the show (yes! :D) how will they say he is still alive?

    Is it a clone with his memories?

    Did he somehow survive the truck explosion?

    Was there a clone in the truck (explains the different actor) and the real Lex was last seen in the Fortress.

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  • S.Spano

    With the show wrapping up and Lex making his return and meeting Tess who are SPOILERS brother and sister, where is the other Luthor brother Lucas? He was part of a small story arc in season 2 and seen in the episode Prodigal. Following this Lex said he was "safe". Lex couldn't have killed him as he wasn't a villian yet at that point in the show. You can't just forget about a character that has the last name LUTHOR. Any suggestions as to where he is and why he has not shown up?

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