Image Code Name Real Name First appeared
SM814-0012 Toyman Winslow Schott Requiem
An ex employee of Queen Industries, who vowed to take revenge on Oliver Queen for firing him in 2003. He became an obsessed toymaker, and attempted to kill Oliver in an explosion at a LuthorCorp board meeting. He aided Lex Luthor in extracting revenge on Clark Kent, Oliver Queen and Lana Lang, but was stopped by the trio. He was incarcerated, but sent a robot duplicate to masquerade as him. Tess Mercer later approached him, and had him reverse engineer John Corben's Kryptonite heart. He is the leader of Marionette Ventures.

091409 smallville2 Metallo John Corben Savior
A reporter from the Daily Planet who replaced Clark after he quit. He was infatuated with Lois Lane. John was ran over by a truck and rebuilt by the Kandorians. Under kryptonite psychosis, he attempted at killing The Blur, whom he hated for failing to save his sister. He kidnapped Lois as bait, and Clark later came to her rescue. In the ensuing battle, Corben accidentally ripped out his Kryptonite heart. Later, a reformed John Corben, set out to live his life. When Lois tried to help him escape to her father's command post, John was chipped by agents of Tess Mercer and Chloe Sullivan who sent him to stop Clark (under Red K) and Major Zod. He left Metropolis after saving Clark, and being rejected by Lois. He was assigned to target Supergirl.

Roulette Smallville Roulette Victoria Sinclair Roulette
In 2009, she kidnapped Oliver Queen and forced him into a game for survival. She then kidnapped Lois, and held her at gunpoint. After Oliver saved Lois, he set to rescue her, as she was trapped under rubble while the building around her was in flames. After Oliver saved her, she deactivated the flames, and revealed it was all a set-up, made by Chloe and the Justice League, to help Oliver re-embrace his persona as the Green Arrow. She was assigned to target Watchtower.

TheDarkArcherlrg Dark Archer Vordigan Disciple
Oliver's old master, during his time as apart of a Celtic clan of archer assassins. He came to Metropolis in 2009, and shot Lois Lane in between her arm and shoulder with an arrow. Lois mistook him for Oliver, as did the rest of the League, and tried to stop Oliver. Later, Vordigan shot Chloe with an arrow, but only cut her shoulder, and kidnapped Mia Dearden, Oliver's apprentice. Vordigan and Oliver confronted, in which Vordigan revealed he was getting older, and as clan tradition dictates, Oliver must kill him before he becomes older. Oliver refused to kill him, and shot him with an arrow in the same spot, inbetween the arm and shoulder. He was assigned to target Green Arrow.

MV BlackManta Black Manta Unknown Prophecy
He was assigned to target Aquaman.

MV Captain Cold Captain Cold Unknown Prophecy
He was assigned to target Impulse.

SolomonGrundyProphecyCap Solomon Grundy Unknown Prophecy
He was assigned to target Black Canary.

Tsbsmallville Silver Banshee Siobhan McDougal Escape
Silver Banshee was released and took over a female civilian. Siobhan then took the guy who was with the girl into the woods and killed him. After a fight between Chloe Sullivan and Oliver Queen, Chloe went for a walk in the woods. She saw the dead body and then Siobhan, but it was too late. Siobhan possessed Chloe and then went back to the Inn. When she got back she ambushed Clark Kent in the shower with the intent to seduce him just as Lois arrived. Before Lois could stomp out, Siobhan possessed Lois who went to take Oliver into the woods. Clark and Chloe realized what had happened and found out how to stop her. While Clark and Chloe were trying to figure out how to destroy the Silver Banshee, Siobhan attacked Oliver in the woods. She was assigned to target Zatanna.

MV Chill Chill Sean Kelvin Cool
Sean was always known to play with the affections of teenage girls, as he made a move on Chloe Sullivan. While playing football, he fell into an icy lake, infested with kryptonite, and gets trapped within it. He manages to free himself, but his skin was turned blue with cold. By reaching his shivering hand at a weakly bonfire, he absorbs the heat out of the fire and warms himself. Sean realizes that by stealing the body heat of others, he stays warm for at least a day, trading the survival of others for his own. Sean pays a visit to his girlfriend, Jenna Barnum and steals her body heat, rendering her to an ice statue as she crashes to the floor, shattered into a thousand pieces. He then set his sights on Chloe, but she was saved by Clark Kent. He was assigned to target Martian Manhunter.

MV ElectricO Electric Tommy Lee Mortal
As a prisoner in Belle Reve, Lee was "accidentally" released by Lex Luthor. He used the Twins to go after Clark Kent, who was stripped of his powers, to use him to retrieve some kryptonite serum that they needed to survive. They held Clark's parents and Lana hostage threatening their lives. Tommy Lee forced Clark to steal the serum from LuthorCorp with the help of Chloe Sullivan. Clark outsmarted them despite his lack of superpowers and defeated them. They were later returned to Belle Reve. He was assigned to target Cyborg.