I loved smallville it was my favorite show and I could just totally geek over and it did total justice to it's character I mean how many shows have doctor fate in them. Season 11 though it probably the best part. I'm still waiting for conner to make his return so he can meet Kara but beggars can't be choosers. Season 9 and 10 were my favorite but the fact that there was no John jones what so ever upset me. I mean he would have been a great character to have considering what clark and Oliver where going through that season. I mean the use of hawkman was great even if it was for one episode. Oh and the episode after Icarus the one one where Chloe comes back I forget what it was called collateral I think it was awful I mean they could have used more members of the league and it could have been a big team up episode like a follow up to could have been called league and it could have ditched the matrix style plot and show the vra actually experimenting on them. But whatever I hope we get to see the rest of the league in season 11 including but not limited to A.C cyborg zatanana, star girl mera the wonder twins conner and more Kara John jones and batman and I can't wait for Olympus. Oh and where the hell is Ollie

On season 11
who the hell is this guy

Also hoping we get an episode about shazam . Also on that doesn't it seem strange that a kid named billy has showed up in three season 11 episodes I mean yea he is a lot younger and he is not an orphan but that could just be an original twist that smallvile has

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