Hi everyone,i am am an big smallville fan just like you,and i have created my own wiki with has creations of my own.The name of the wiki is message is to tell you that if you want to create your own heroes,villains,episodes(well, not episodes but at least stories(in order stories) and other stuff of your own,just enter the site and don't erase the articles i have instead add your own articles) so we can have our own team-builded story which if you think about it can be very interesting.add drawings and more and at the end of each article put your username (created by:??????) so all the people can see who created the article,and also add the name of the country you belong to see who is the most contribuing place.So come on and create your totally own ideas and remember that everything you like your shows to have but they haven't done that,all of it put it on your name is antonio chavez and thank you.

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