• Smallvillex3000

    It has been three months since Clark took to the skies and pushed the planet Apokolips away from Earth. Clark has finally accepted his destiny as Superman and the responsibilities that come with it.


    Clark Kent/Superman--Tom Welling

    Lois Lane--Erica Durance

    Lex Luthor--Michael Rosenbaum

    Oliver Queen/Green Arrow--Justin Heartly

    Chloe Sullivan-Oueen--Allison Mack


    Supergirl--Laura Vandervoort

    Batman/Bruce Wayne--Christian Bale

    Episode 1 "Hero" Part 1 of 2 : "I want Superman on the front page not some masked vigilante called . . . BATMAN?! This is the twenty-first centry Olsen. Find Superman. Gotham City can deal with that Batman of yours." Perry White said."Yes Mr. White" Jimmy Olsen replied and walked out of Perry's office."If you find…

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