It has been three months since Clark took to the skies and pushed the planet Apokolips away from Earth. Clark has finally accepted his destiny as Superman and the responsibilities that come with it.


Clark Kent/Superman--Tom Welling

Lois Lane--Erica Durance

Lex Luthor--Michael Rosenbaum

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow--Justin Heartly

Chloe Sullivan-Oueen--Allison Mack


Supergirl--Laura Vandervoort

Batman/Bruce Wayne--Christian Bale


Episode 1 "Hero" Part 1 of 2 : "I want Superman on the front page not some masked vigilante called . . . BATMAN?! This is the twenty-first centry Olsen. Find Superman. Gotham City can deal with that Batman of yours." Perry White said."Yes Mr. White" Jimmy Olsen replied and walked out of Perry's office."If you find him you can have a day off since NOBODY HERE CAN CATCH HIM IN A PHOTO," he said to everyone.Jimmy rushed out the Daily Planet door he needed a break from Perry. All he did was constantly shout at him if he could get one day off he could relax and forget all about him. On the T.V. a news channel there had been a robbery in a bank and the robbers are driving in a car with four hostages. Even tough Clark was far away from the T.V. and the volume was down he still heard it thanks to his superpowers. Clark and Lois looked at each other. Clark rushed into the bathroom and into one of the cubicles and locked the door. Clark took of his glasses and dropped them to the ground and tore off the buttons of his shirt which revealed the 'S'. A few seconds later Superman was flying outside in the warm air. He flew to his maximum speed since the bank was a bit far away from the Daily Planet building. He dropped down a few centimetres away from the old rusty van. It tried to stop but it couldn't because it was at full speed. Superman carefully pushed his hand out to stop the car. The two robbers in the car jerked back and were unconscious. Superman walked over to the back of the van and opened the back where four hostages looked terrified. They were one woman two girls (who Superman presumed to be her daughters) and one man. They were tied up and their mouths were sealed shut with duct tape. Superman freed them in a second."Are you okay?",he asked."Yes we're all okay" the man replied."Well I'll be on my way" Superman said and flew a few centimetres up into the sky."Wait!" the man said."Is there anyway we can repay you?" Superman had often been asked this many times."No, I don't ask for favours." A crowd had surrounded them now. Superman flew away where people called his name."SUPERMAN!!!" They called as Superman flew back into the direction of the Daily Planet building. A few blocks from the Daily Planet building, Superman dropped down to the ground and used his super speed to go into the Daily planet building unnoticed. He went into the cubicle he left his clothes in. In exactly two seconds he was fully dressed. He seen Jimmy walking up to Perry and presenting a few photos of Superman stopping the van. Lois walked up to Clark."You handled that well Smallville," she taunted."Was it on the news?" Clark asked."Yep," she replied. "I didn't even see a camera around." Clark said."You know for a guy who has x-ray vision you're pretty blind," she said."Oh. I just remembered there's a press confrence on tonight in Gotham City and Perry wants us to go and write a column about it afterwards." Lois said."Who's gonna be there?" Clark asked."Bruce Wayne," she said."Who's Bruce Wayne?" Clark asked. Her mouth hung open in mock horror."Are you series?" She asked."Yeah,"Clark replied."Ha you need to get out more Clark or just go on a thing they call the internet." When Lois and Clark got there Clark was shocked to see Bruce Wayne was the guy he saved in the van.While he was talking Clark walked outside to get some fresh air where he saw Lex Luthor."You sick of him too?" Lex asked."Oh,um I just needed to get some fresh air." Clark said."You know I think there is something about him. Sometimes he starts to sound like Batman, then again it could be just what happened to me." "Accident?" Clark said."Yeah I was in an accident I don't remember that much" Lex reached out to shake Clark's hand. "Lex Luthor," he introduced himself. Clark was about to shake his hand and hesitated."What? I'm not gonna try and kill you or anything,"Lex joked. Clark shook his hand."Clark Kent." Lois was wondering what was taking Clark so long when she saw Chloe and Oliver."Oh, Chloe, Oliver come on over,"she said."Hi Lois," Chloe said."Hey Lois,"Oliver said. He looked around."Where's Clark?" "He's just outside getting some fresh air... for about half an hour now," Lois replied. A man and a few others dressed like clowns came in with guns."This is a robbery HAHAHAH,"one of them said."Now would anybody know where Batman is?

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