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May 7, 2011
  • Superaldo01

    Alrite if Lex forgot everything that had happened over the last tens years includeing the years before then, how wood he come to power again if he could remeber who he is much less who Clark/Superman was cause his mind would be like a child again so his good self would be back again. FACT:

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  • Superaldo01

    I have just watched all of the last ever Smallville & yh it was amzing out of this world, just a shame we did not get to see a full shot of Tom in the suit & not sme CGI stuff but overall happie with it, but 1 thing tht does bug me & I am sure am not the only one The Glasses Needed to stay on from I'd say maybe S-3 or S-4 because Clark should have had his Glasses on @ the Wedding, I could B wrong but I think folk are going to see that both Clark & Superman have the same face.

    Well Done Tom ur defo the Superman for this part of the 21st Centry all the best in wht U do afterwards Tom Welling Is Superman.

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  • Superaldo01

    Big Blue

    May 7, 2011 by Superaldo01

    I realli hope & pray Clark Gets the Suit in part 2 of nxt weeks show it well look Awsum

    Superman all the way :)

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