Smallville. Its ending on may. Thats a major bummer slash relief. Im not glad its ending but i just cant wait to see him fly already. lol. But they should keep it going to illastrate his life as superman now. not just end it like a huge cliffhanger. for those who dont read the comics, they would want to know what happens after. including those who do keep with the comics. the show is a sign of truth and justice. its fantasy i know but we all have a little hope in us that make us believe there are people like clark kent/ superman in the world. without the show people will just be mad or sad. its not just a hobby or something to like but inspiration. the show must not should not end. But what does the cw or the creators care. they are goin to end it. unless they have a spinoff. wich they should about connnor kent. thats all i have to say for now.

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