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I really miss smallville its been what 2 years since the last episode aired :(

Im going to do a bunch of questions about smallville and i want you guys to answer them :)

When did you first watch smallville? i first watched smallville in january 2013 so this year, i got it for christmas :)

Whats your favorite scene? My favorite scene well ummmm....... How can i choose just one :)

Favorite quote? "I was raised in your shadow and now your going to die in mine. no one will even remember your name"

Favorite charater? Clark

Favorite Villan? Season 7 Lex

Worst character? PETE!

Favorite Relationship? Clois

Favorite Season? Season 2 NUFF SAID

Least Favorite Scene? Pete Finds Out Clarks Secret WTF

Least Favorite Episode? Season 7 episode 13 HERO!

Least Favorite Villan? Darkseid

Least Favorite Relationship? Clana

Least Favorite Season? Season 6 NUFF SAID

Favorite Friendship? Clex

Least Favorite Friendship? Clete

Funniest Character? Lois

Favorite Season 11 Issue? Dont Have One

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