I started watching Smallville last spring and just got caught up to the most recent episode in season 9. This is my first visit to this site, and I'm impressed how loyal Smallville fans have been after 9 seasons. I believe the show has evolved significantly over the past 9 seasons and it’s been interesting to see the characters and storylines develop.  


I'm a comicbook loyalist at heart, so at first, I was weary whenever the storyline deviated from the comic/mythos. However, Smallville has done a wonderful job at entertaining both types of audiences- those who care about the traditional comic storyline and those who don’t.


In my opinion, the writers are free to develop the storylines as they see fit, but I want them to keep a final destination of the show in mind. This is how I was able to stomach watching some of the really cheesy “meteor freak” episodes in seasons 1 & 2 even though I'm a viewer in the 20+ year age bracket. A few things would make me comfortable as a fan: 1. Assurance the show will end with Clark becoming Superman. 2. Lex should exist as a viable (although perhaps distant) threat. 3. Lois should be in Clark’s life, but not necessarily a romantic interest yet.


After reading some potential spoilers posted on this site and seeing Clark with glasses (again) in The Idol, I am reassured that the show intends to do this. Still, I hope the show does not rush to this objective before the Smallville finale. In my opinion, once Clark “grows up” and becomes Superman, the purpose of Smallville has ended.


On the other hand, my girlfriend is not a comic book fan. She picked up the show while I was watching Season 2 & 3 and cares little about Superman references or the DC Universe. Therefore she wanted Lana and Clark to stay together, while I kept waiting for the show to get rid of Lana. Despite our different views, Smallville has done a good job at entertaining both of us, and I’m curious to see how the show will wrap it all up.

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