• Theblur56


    June 15, 2011 by Theblur56

    Metropolis is about clark as superman saving people also lex luthor runs for president and trys to regain his memory. alot more DC villians and heroes appear in the 5 season fake show. in each season he will become more popular. Season 4 takes place in 2017 and will show the stuff that happened that year like the Homecoming episode but in 2017 clark point of view. Season 5 will take place in 2018 and in the series finale he will get married to lois.

    Clark Kent

    Lois Lane

    Oliver Queen

    Lex Luthor

    Perry White

    EPISODE 1 "DESTINY": months have passed since the crysis of Apokalips. Clark must stop a old foe who is still under darkseids control and save everyone. Meanwhile Lois has some issues when her promotion drowns her in work. Lex luthor has lost h…

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