Metropolis is about clark as superman saving people also lex luthor runs for president and trys to regain his memory. alot more DC villians and heroes appear in the 5 season fake show. in each season he will become more popular. Season 4 takes place in 2017 and willthumb|right|300px|Metropolis Season 4 - 5 theme song (All Credit goes to AngelicCo the maker of the video) show the stuff that happened that year like the Homecoming episode but in 2017 clark point of view. Season 5 will take place in 2018 and in the series finale he will get married to lois.

Season 1 Main characters

Clark Kent

Lois Lane

Oliver Queen

Lex Luthor

23 Brand New Series by Kakkay

Season 1 Poster

Perry White


EPISODE 1 "DESTINY": months have passed since the crysis of Apokalips. Clark must stop a old foe who is still under darkseids control and save everyone. Meanwhile Lois has some issues when her promotion drowns her in work. Lex luthor has lost his memory's and is trying to regain them.

EPISODE 2 " CRYSIS": Oliver is struggiling to maintain Queen industries after Lex Luthor trys to buy it. Clark must deal with a serious of robberies. Lois is fired from her job after she denies the editors order to expose Supermans identity.

EPISODE 3 "MEMORIES": Lex Luthor has started a project called RECOLLECTION to regain his memories. Clark has to try convince the editor to give lois's job back but at a price.. EXPOSE SUPERMAN. Perry white has come to metropolis.

EPISODE 4 "LANTERN": after a series of saves by a mysterious green figure clark decides to look into this. Lois is kidnapped. Oliver has won back his company and now has decided to make a new watchtower. Perry White becomes the new editor.

EPISODE 5 "DOOM": a group of criminals known as Legion of Doom has been attacking metropolis and clark goes to stop them. Lois getting her job back must write a story about the Legion of Doom. Lex luthor has come a step closer to starting PROJECT: RECOLLECTION and regaining his memories.

EPISODE 6 "LIVEWIRE": a old foe of clark has comeback from the dead and he must stop the enemy Livewire. Lex luthor has discoverd a tomb which contains the body of Orion son of darkseid. Chloe visits Lois and gives her some advice.

EPISODE 7 "BANSHEE": the silver banshee has made her way to metropolis and has started causing mayhem. Lois and Oliver have a heart to heart moment about Tess's death.

EPISODE 8 "PRECURSER": in 3 hours a meteor shower will hit metropolis followed by a massive meteor. will superman be able to save the citezens of metropolis in time to save lois from being murdered by Bruno Mannheim.

EPISODE 9 "WAR WORLD PART 1": A massive spaceship has entered Earths orbit and has spread mass panic across metropolis. Superman and the league are captured by the spaceship and are forced to fight for there lives.

EPISODE 10 "WAR WORLD PART 2": A massive spaceship has entered Earths orbit and has spread mass panic across metropolis. Superman and the league are captured by the spaceship and are forced to fight. Superman meets a alien named Mongul and must fight him for all the captives freedom.

EPISODE 11 "RETURN": Zod has returned to metropolis and seeks revenge against clark and decides to go for his ultimate weakness.. LOIS. Lex Luthor decides to start running for president.

EPISODE 12 "GRUNDY": A zombie named Solomon Grundy is attacking metropolis and clark must stop the undead. Lex has completed the lab for PROJECT: RECOLLECTION but need Gold Meteor Rock to power.

EPISODE 13 "LEAGUE": Clark and the league go on a mission to destroy the lab that will restore lex's memory. Lois visits Chloe and oliver in Star City.

EPISODE 14 "ULTRAMAN": Clark luthor has returned to earth 1 and instead of redeming himself he took control of earth 2. Superman must defeat Ultraman. Meanwhile Perry White has given Lois a assigment to do. Oliver recruits new people into the Justice League.

EPISODE 15 "QUARINTINE": A kryptonian virus has been released into metropolis and now the whole city might die now Superman must find a way to save everyone.

EPISODE 16 "LEXCORP": Lex has bought queen industries again and has murged it into LEXCORP. Clark and the league take a look at the new space station Watchtower.

EPISODE 17 "WONDER": a woman named Diana has joined the work force at the planet and clark has his suspicions but when he see's her turn into the hero Wonder Woman they have a rocky meet. Perry has given all of the staff a day off so he can spend tim searching up aliens.

EPISODE 18 "DEATHSTROKE": a criminal named Deathstroke has been killing people and now Superman must stop this man. Oliver fights off Vordigan for the last time. Lex Luthor's memorys are starting to come back to him.

EPISODE 19 "SAVIOUR": Clark has fully taken on his destiny and has become the Saviour of earth. but when Bizarro returns the final battle between the two will chose the fate of metropolis.

EPISODE 20 "UNITE PART 1": The League have recruited many people but when the Legion of Doom return to settle the score they must find Clark who has mysteriously dissapeared.

EPISODE 21 "UNITE PART 2"The League have recruited many people but when the Legion of Doom return to settle the score they must find Clark who has mysteriously dissapeared. as the battle rages on Superman comes soaring threw the sky to end this battle. Lex luthor gains all his memories

Season 2 Main Charecters

Clark Kent

Lois Lane

Oliver Queen

Lex Luthor

Metropolis world in flames by kakkay-d30i3wm

Season 2 Poster

Bruce Wayne


EPISODE 1 "GENETIC": Conner had returned but when he has a chat with ex his Luthor side begins to take over. Lois and Clark try to remind Conner about the good Kryptonian side of him. Oliver goes on buisness trip to Gotham City's Wayne Tower

EPISODE 2 "FAME": Clark ask's Lois to write a special article about Superman so he can inform people that he is there to protect them. Oliver Queen and Bruce Wayne buy back Queen Indestries and become buisness partners.

EPISODE 3 "CENTURIES": Clark travels to the 31st century to talk to the legion about his future as a hero. Oliver find out that Bruce Wayne is the infamous batman after staying at his place for the night and then tries to recruit him into the League. Lex Luthor devises a plan to get revenge on clark for lying to him all those years.

EPISODE 4 "TRINITY": Superman, Green Arrow and Batman band together so they can find Batman's archenemy the Joker. Lex Luthor frees the Legion of Doom from Stryker's Prison and becomes there leader. the Planet is wired with is explosives and only Superman can stop them.

EPISODE 5 "ERADICATOR": Clark comes face to face with the Eradicator and must fight this thing. Lex has kidnapped Lois. Oliver and Bruce go to rescue Lois and bruce decides to join the League.

EPISODE 6 "CORRUPTION PART 1": Darkseid has returned to earth and this time with his own body. Darkseid and his Parademons start corrupting people now clark must save earth of darkness. Lex goes missing after attacked by the Darkness.

EPISODE 7 "CORRUPTION PART 2": Darkseid has found his sons tomb and releases him from his sleep in hope for him to be corrupted but Orion escapes his father. The Justice League and Orion have a final battle with Darkseid and his Parademons.

EPISODE 8 "REVENGE": Lex kidnapps clark and traps him in a kryptonite cell. Bruce and Lois go and try to find clark. Oliver searches for the stuff that tess used on lex before to make him forget lex's memories again.

EPISODE 9 "IMPERIEX": a alien named Imperiex makes his way to earth and challenges Superman to a fight to the end. Bruce has a chat with Lex about him failing to wipe his memory again. The Legion return to help clark defeat Imperiex.

EPISODE 10 "RIDDLE": Clark and Bruce search for a man who has kidnapped Chloe and leaves riddles behind. Lex pays a visit to Clarks Fortress and learns more about his origins.

EPISODE 11 "PERSUADER": Persuader returns from the 31st century and goes on a killing spree. Lex sends Oliver to the Phantom Zone. Bruce upgrades the Watchtower's.

EPISODE 12 "TRUTH": Clark finds out that Bruce has been devising a plan to kill Lex and Clark fires him from the JLA. Chloe has been searching for Oliver. Lois has gone to Australia for a assigment.

EPISODE 13 "ZONE": Clark goes into the Phantom Zone to get oliver out of there. Bruce is shot and see's his parents. Lex starts experimenting on Metahumans again.

EPISODE 14 "REVELTIONS": Lex reveals to clark that he has kidnapped the League with the help of Legion of Doom and clark must save them.

EPISODE 15 "WORLD IN FLAMES PART 1": Lex and clark have a human fight when he brings a Blue Kryptonite ring to the fight. Oliver visits Lionel Luthors grave. Bruce kills his parents murderer.

EPISODE 16 "WORLD IN FLAMES PART 2": Clark must stop lex from bombing metropolis. The League fight to stop Lex from destroying Metropolis.

Season 3 Main Characters

Clark Kent

Lois Lane

Lex Luthor

Oliver Queen

Bruce Wayne

17 Superman III by Kakkay

Season 3 Poster

Judgement Theatrical 3 by Kakkay

Metropolis Season Finale Poster

Season 3 Episodes

EPISODE 1 "MAN OF STEEL PART 1": Mongul has returned along with war world and clark has challenged him to a final battle for earth. Lex has been infected with a disease and only has a few months to live. Bruce has started going down the dark path that leads to his fate.

EPISODE 2 "MAN OF STEEL PART 2": Clark has decided to give up his freedom for earths fate. Bruce has hang up his tights. The League has broken apart.

EPISODE 3 "HOPE": Clark has flown to other countries and is saving people therefore spreading hope. Oliver tires to convince Bruce to become batman again. Superman try's and fails to get the League to join together and to give people hope for tomorrow.

EPISODE 4 "SOULS": Clark must fight against a metahuman who has the ability to take people's souls. Oliver and bruce have a fight. Lois is held hostage and will be shot if they ransome isnt payed. Lex's disease is getting worse.

EPISODE 5 "GALAXY": Clark has to leave earth for a day to destroy a astroid that is heading towards earth. Bruce has left the League. Lex has started looking for a cure. Lois has come back from australia.

EPISODE 6 "LEAGUE PART 1": Clark, Lois and Oliver convince the League along with Batman to rejoin and fight Lex in his Promethues V.1 suit. Perry white is shot and taken to the hospital.

EPISODE 7 "SOCIETY PART 2": Lex is to strong for the League and Clark leaves to find some help. Ted Grant, Jay Garrick and Alan Scott come to help as the remaning JSA members.

EPISODE 8 "LEGEND": Superman is handed the key of the city. Bruce has gone into hiding. Lex's situation has worsend due to the effects of the Promethues V.1 suit. Lois visits Perry in the hospital and stays with him for the night. The League go looking for new recruits.

EPISODE 9 "CONFLICT": Eradicator turns evil and clark must confront him and save metropolis. Lois visits her sister and is suprised with what she sees. Oliver convinces Bruce to stay as a hero as that him and the League will be there to save him from his fate.

EPISODE 10 "HONOUR": Clark stops a series of bombing attempts in italy. Bruce tries to get every one in the League to trust him again. Lex tries to heal himself from his disease but instead makes him forgot about Clark's secret identity.

EPISODE 11 "PARASITE": Clark must fight Rudy Jones and stop him from stealing powers from Meta-Humans. Bruce starts to have nightmares about him killing Chloe. Lex finds the Mirror Box that Emil fixed and teleports himself to Earth 2.

EPISODE 12 "COMPOSITE": Joseph Meach turns into Composite Superman after being struck by lighting and somehow gaining the Legions abilities. Clark and Bruce fight together to stop Joseph before he harms anyone. Lex captures Joseph a day later begins to do experiments on him.

EPISODE 13 "BAT": Bruce is serverly injured in a battle with a man named Bane and gets all new equipment. Clark helps Bruce look for Bane. Bruce's batcave is destroyed by Bane and Oliver decides to upgrade the cave and make a all new entrance to it.

EPISODE 14 "DREAM": Bruce is stuck in a dream world when a meta-human with a sleeping power arrives. Clark fights a alien named Lobo, Oliver goes on a high speed chase after Mia is under a mind control device and Lois decides whether to go to Sweden for 2 years or stay with Clark.

EPISODE 15 "ROBOTICS": After being turned into a complete cyborg Metallo confronts Superman and Superboy. Lex heavily modifies the Promethues Suit and installs kryptonite weapons. Bruce returns to Gotham City to redeem himself.

EPISODE 16 "RIOT": A riot has started in Downtown Metropolis and Superman must find a way to stop it. Chloe warns Oliver that in 2 days Metropolis will fall into chaos. Clark encourages Lois to go to Sweden. Bruce breaks into Lex's office and looks around.

EPISODE 17 "OPPOSITE": Lex uses a peice of DNA from superman to create a complete copy but instead ends up creating a carbon copy of Bizarro but with opposite effects for his powers and then holds him in a cell. The JLA and the remaning JSA come together and get ready for the battle of the century.

EPISODE 18 "JUDGEMENT PART 1": Darkseid and his Parademons return and have recruited Mongul, Lobo, Composite Superman, Parasite and the Silver Banshee. The Legion of Doom return and recruit Lex and Bizarro. The JLA and the JSA come together to face this new threat.

EPISODE 19 "JUDGEMENT PART 2": The Parademons are winning the battle and are going to every major city and cause destruction. Darkseid and the other super-powerd villiains are attacking Metropolis. The LOD are planning to launch a missile founded by Lexcorp to destroy Metropolis. The JLA and JSA along with Superman are all split up in cities protecting it from the invasion.

EPISODE 20 "JUDGEMENT PART 3": Superman and Darkseid go face to face in a battle in the ruined Metropolis. Batman and Green Arrow try to divert the missle but the console is smashed and the missle heads towards the ocean outside of metropolis which will cause a Tsunami. The Parademons have been defeated along with the LOD and the other villains.

Season 4 Main Characters

Tom Welling - Clark Kent
18 Metropolis in Ruin by Kakkay

Season 4 Poster

Erica Durance - Lois Lane

Michael Rosenbaum - Lex Luthor

Aaron Ashmore - James Bartholomew Olsen


EPISODE 1 "LIGHT": Its now 2017 Lex Luthor has become President sooner then expected, Clark is now the hero the world needs Lois is the best reporter working at the daily planet and Jimmy's brother James has begun working as a photographer at the Daily Planet and Bruce Wayne has decided to stay at Gotham and fight crime.

EPISODE 2 "CONDUIT": A man named Kenny Braverman is exposed to very high levels of Kryptonite radiation at the refinery he works at. He then becomes the super powered villian named Conduit. Clark confronts Kenny, Lois writes a story about the fight and gets James to take the photo's.

EPISODE 3 "PRESIDENT": Clark and Lois get a assigment to search Lex Luthor's new enviromentaly friendly Power Plant in Metropolis. Kyle Tippet returns to Smallville and meets Conner who was super speeding past Smallville when he saw a robber heading towards Kyle.

EPISODE 4 "EVENTS": Clark learns that Lex's power plant is going to blow up and wipe out metropolis and realises that the events from HOMECOMING is occuring. The Past clark meets Present Clark in the elevator. Lois has to get to a press confrence when the helicopter she is in falls of a building.

EPISODE 5 "SEPERATE": Clark is exposed to Black Kryptonite and his evil Kryptonian side Kal-El is unleashed onto the city, James convinces Lois to call him Jimmy and he takes pictures of the kryptonian fight.

EPISODE 6 "DEATHSTROKE'S RETURN PART 1": Slade Wilson returns with a all new look. Clark must take him on without his powers when he finds out that Slade's sword has Blue Kryptonite on it. Deathstroke kidnapps Jimmy and Lois.

EPISODE 7 "DEATHSTROKE"S RETURN PART 2": Clark is captured by Slade and is forced to fight him and if he wins kill him. Oliver Queen and the JLA return to save Clark. Lex Luthor hires Bloodsport to assasinate Superman.

EPISODE 8 "FURIES": The Female furies have returned after Clarks last encounter with the ladies after 6 yrs, Lois Lane is heading for Sweden for the week to meet Perry white but the Furies savatage her plane and Clark must save her. Lex Luthor meets Artemiz and makes her join a team of villians he is making.

EPISODE 9 "ASSASINATION": Bloodsport has finally found Clark saving some one and is trying to kill him. Lois calls the JLA to help but only Oliver shows up. Lex Luthor has a camera on Bloodsport to watch him kill Superman.

EPISODE 10 "WAR PART 1": After one argument with the Russian president Lex decides to attack them and start a war. Superman trys to talk Lex out of it but fails and now must stop the kryptonite filled missile from hitting Russia with the help of Batman and Green Arrow. Lex builds a chamber under the white house called Uriah Chamber.

EPISODE 11 "WAR PART 2": Bruce and Oliver try to re-wire the missiles, Clark heads for Russia to warn them about the impending threat and Lex pays alot of money to dig Doomsday out of the ground but to his dismay Doomsday is dead.

EPISODE 11 "RESSURECTION": Carter Hall and his wife Shayera come back to life and Carter introduces Shayera to Clark and Lois, Jimmy goes into life support after he is brutally injured by some gang in a back alley and Lex preforms a series of experiments on Doomsday to bring him back to life.

EPISODE 12 "MIRACALE": Clark and Lois visit Jimmy in the hospital Lex Luthor awakens Doomsday and puts him into a cryo-chamber to put him to sleep. Oliver and Chloe come to Metropolis for a romantic getaway from Star City.

EPISODE 13 "TAKEN": Lex Luthor is shocked when he learns that the president of united states has recovered from his injuries and is now taking his role as president back. Clark must figure out when Bloodsport is going to murder the current president.

EPISODE 14 "HATRED": After a confrontation between Lex and Superman Luthor gains a new found hate towards the Man of Steel. Jimmy is finally out of the hospital and decides to take the week off work.

EPISODE 15 "TRIPLICATE": A member of the Legion going by the alias Triplicate Girl goes back in time to the year 2017 to warn Clark of a dark enemy from his past. Jimmy finds out that Chloe is married to Oliver Queen and he becomes angry as his brother died for her.

EPISODE 16 "FORGIVENESS": Clark and Lois have there first argument, Chloe confronts Jimmy about loving someone else and Lex has several flash backs of moments in his life after being shot in the chest. Clark and lois forgive each other and Jimmy isnt angry anymore.

EPISODE 17 "PATRIOTIC": After all these years of saving people Clark decides to give Superman a motto... TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY!! Jimmy returns to work and teams up with Lois to get pictures of the President.

EPISODE 18 "CORRUPT": Clark finds out that police are letting criminals out of jail and begins to look into it with the help of Lois. Lex hires Bloodsport once again to kill Jimmy. Bloodsport decides that he hates working for Luthor and kills himself.

EPISODE 19 "AMPLIFYED": Metallo's powers are amplifyed and he decides to try and kill Superman. Lex luthor sneaks into the Uriah Chamber under the white house and sets a timer for Doomsday to be released. Lois is awarded for all her hard work at the planet.

EPISODE 20 "UNLEASHED": Doomsday is finally awake from his slumber and starts causing mayhem. Clark takes Lois to the fortress under the care of Conner Kent and the JLA. Clark and Doomsday have a showdown in the streets of metropolis. After clark throws Doomsday in a Valcano he leaves and continues to save the world.

Season 5 Main Characters

Tom Welling - Clark Kent

Erica Durance - Lois Lane

Michael Rosenbaum - Lex Luthor

Aaron Ashmore - James Bartholomew Olsen


EPISODE 1 "TIME": Its 2018 and Clark is now the hero the world needs. the city has recovered from the battle last year and now a new foe rises. A Meta-Human named Ben Kemp has the power to control time. Lois goes on a vacation to Paris.

EPISODE 2 "REVELOUTION": The JLA go to earth to to stage a revolution against Clark luthor without the permission of Clark. Lois finds out and tells Clark so he goes to earth to to help. Jimmy starts to investigate Lex.

EPISODE 3 "FLASH": Bart Allen visits Clark and Lois and tells them he is now the hero known as Flash. Silver Banshee has returned and has kidnapped Lois to lure the Man of Steel to her. Jimmy has found files of Lex's Uriah Chamber.

EPISODE 4 "RUNAWAY": A man named Nico Kallis who has ran away from his family is found by Clark hiding in his closet. Lois tries to find a orphange to take Nico. Clark goes face to face with his father who turns out to have Super Strength.

EPISODE 5 "CLASH": Clark and the alien Lobo go head to head in a all out battle. Lois and Jimmy sneak into the newly built Luthor mansion to find out more information about Lex. Lex hires a man named Alex Trent to become the new Bloodsport.

EPISODE 6 "DRUGGED": Jimmy is drugged by a thug and is taken to the hospital. Clark and Lois visit him when he starts to see his brother. Lex is also sent to hospital after a attempt at his life by a rogue guard. Bruce Wayne returns to Metropolis on a search for a Criminal named Bane who uses Venom to enchance his strength.

EPISODE 7 "GENERAL PART 1": Zod has escaped from the phantom zone and has made his way to earth with his disciples. Clark finds out that Emil has been hiding the Mirror Box he rebuilt. Lex, Lois and Jimmy have a long talk.

EPISODE 8 "DIMENSION PART 2": Zod steals the Mirror Box and teleports to Earth 2. Clark Luthor and Zod face off. Clark asks Jor-El to take him to Earth 2. Lois and Jimmy go back to the daily planet only to find out there is a bomb hiden in building.

EPISODE 9 "SHOCK": A shy man named Virgil Hawkins is exposed to a kryptonite gas and gains powers of electricity and becomes the new protecter Static. Clark and Lois try find out how he got powers and try find a way to reverse it.

EPISODE 10 "KNIGHT": Bruce Wayne returns to metropolis only to warn the JLA that Legion of Doom has returned. Lois and Jimmy are kidnapped by a man named John Tailor. Lex begins his campagin to become president.

EPISODE 11 "JOURNEY": Oliver and Bruce travel to Rome to track down Bane who escaped from batman's custody. Clark and Lois have to write about superman that will put the daily planet back on top. Lex opens his own Satelite that will alert earth to anything coming to earth. The satelite picks up a alien armada and a planet heading towards them.

EPISODE 12 "DECISION": Clark has to make a decision to leave earth and search for Orion son of darkseid or stay and have no extra help of fighting the oncoming attack the satelite picked up. The President learns of this and decides wether to commision the american army or let the heroes fight themselves.

EPISODE 13 "WAR PART 1": With Clark gone and the JLA and JSA left alone to fight the comming Alien attack, Kara Kent decides to travel back to help them but she is not alone. The Legion have come with her. The President has decided to commision his army thanks to the persuasion of John Jones.

EPISODE 14 "WAR PART 2": Clark has found out that Orion rests on the planet Apokolips in a tomb under Darkseids chambers but once there is unable to awaken him. The war has begun and the JLA, JSA, LOSH (Legion of Super Heroes) and the American Army have started fighting against Darkseid and his minions.

EPISODE 15 "WAR PART 3" Clark and Darkseid who now has his own body fight to the death. JLA, JSA, LOSH and the US army are losing the battle but a unknown figure helps turn the tides. Darkseid see's this figure before he kills Clark and concludes that it is his son Orion.

EPISODE 16 "HAULLUCINATE": Lois is drugged and begins to Haullucinate that a man is out to get her. Clark goes on a one man mission to find the man who did this. Jimmy is promoted by Perry White. Lex luthor has begun promoting himself to win votes.

EPISODE 17 "METAMORPHO": A man named Rex Mason is mutated after failing into Meteor Rock liquid. His mutation has changed his body and also has made him crazy. Clark must fight him and return him to normal form. Lois writes a story about this.

EPISODE 18 "ENCOUNTER": Clark encounters a Meta-human who has the ability to use any power he choses. Lois interviews Lex about the upcoming election day.

EPISODE 19 "FINALE PART 1": Clark and Lois's wedding day is coming up and a Ancient evil known as Atlas has risen. Clark must stop Atlas and get everything ready for the wedding. The Elections are finished and the new president will be announced.

EPISODE 20 "FINALE PART 2": Clark battles with Atlas and in a moment of Strength sends Atlas packing into the outer reach of space. The wedding day has come and before clark goes to his wedding must stop a elevator bomb. Jimmy vidoes the wedding. Lex is announced President of America.

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