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Season 11, Episode 1: Revolution - It is 2020. Clark zooms to his and Lois' apartment to find her holding a pregnancy test. "Lois, what is going on?" he asks, surprised.

"Remember when we consummated our marriage?' Lois replies, her hand resting on her belly. "Clark, I've been showing the symptoms of a possible pregnancy."

Clark is about to reply when Conner comes in. "Conner, what're you doing here?"

"Well, excuse me for interrupting you and Lois!" Conner says, irritated. "I came to tell you tha't Lex is somehow regaining his memories."

Lois is shocked at this. "Didn't Tess wipe all his memories before she died?"

"She did. I have no idea how Lex is even pulling this off," he responds.

"I think it's Summerholt. He tried the same thing years ago," Clark speaks up. "Conner, could you stay with Lois until I'm back? She should stay under supervision until we know for sure if she's pregnant."

"Smallville, I'll be fine!" she insists. "Just go." Clark leaves for the Daily Planet and bumps into Chloe, who is upset about something.

"Clark, I heard about Lex. I've a lead about what's going on, and once he regains his memory, he's going to ruin everything. Rumors have been swirling that LexCorp may soon 'buy' Metropolis, which has got to be part some bigger plan," she says, and Clark is stunned. Buy Metropolis? That is new even for him.

"Chloe, he's rebuilding 33.1. I saw some files in his laptop about that last year," he informs her, and the building suddenly shakes. It shakes again before they can get their bearings, and the roof - already full of cracks from the impact of the "so-called earthquake" - comes down on them.

Meanwhile, back in the apartment, Lois lay down on the couch. "Hey, Conner. Can you get me -" She is cut off by sudden nausea, and vomits into the bucket he has supplied for her. He comes back with the test, grinning from ear to ear. "Lois, the test is positive. You're about to become a mother." Tears of bliss burn in her eyes and fall down her cheeks, and she reaches for the remote. She clicks on the TV, and her tears of joy soon turn to horror as she sees the ruins of the Daily Planet. Most of the buildings had been wrecked in the "earthquake," but the sturdiest - including her apartment - had survived relatively unscathed. "What happened?" she asks.

"The beginning of Lex's plan," he says. "Mia told me that he'd try to scare the city before trying to buy it. He planted a bomb on the roof. It sets off two explosions."

Clark could barely see through the cloud of dust, his ears ringing. "Chloe?" he shouts, surprised to feel the stomach-churning, agonizingly painful effect of kryptonite.

"I'm over here!" her muffled voice cries out. "I'm pinned underneath a boulder!"

"Chloe, the bomb was made of meteor rock. I can't get you out of -"

"TRY!" she yells. Clark gives in and struggles to push the boulder off her, beads of sweat pouring down his body. He feels guilty about it, but he finds himself wishing Lana were here to help the situation. She had superpowers but wasn't Kryptonian; she was fused with the Prometheus suit. All of a sudden, the boulder comes off Chloe. Clark looks up to see a teen girl standing in front of him. "Hello, Father," the girl says.

Season 11, Episode 2: Victoria - "Who are you?" Clark demands, noticing the Legion ring on the girl's finger.

"I am Victoria. Victoria Lane-Kent," she replies. "I'm the daughter of you and Lois." Chloe is stunned by this revelation, but focuses again and throws away the kryptonite harming Clark.

"You're a human-Kryptonian hybrid?" she asks, awestruck. Victoria nods, and shows them her Legion ring. "I was recruited by the Legion when I turned 16. Now, in 2020, I am nothing more than a fetus. Father, I've had glimpses of the years ahead for our family." Clark is visibly shocked at this news, and she continues: "Mother dies at Lex's hand, and you aren't able to stop it." He is distraught at this; Lois Lane - his true love, his soulmate and wife - could not be murdered! He wouldn't allow it, not ever! After his previous relationships with Alicia Baker, Kyla Willowbrook and Lana Lang, he had finally found true love in Lois. The thought of having to live without her is unbearable! Devastated, he speeds off and Victoria chases after him. He goes to his apartment to see Lois laying on the couch with Conner by his side.

"Hey, Clark," Lois groans.

"Lois, this is our daughter," Clark tells her, gesturing to the young woman beside him. "Victoria." His wife goes pale with shock and is speechless.

"I am from the future," Victoria tells her mother. "I didn't come to 2020 to socialize, Mother. I came here because you and Father need my help."

"Help with what?" Clark snaps, furious. "You tell me that Lois will die, and then we need your help? What is going on, Victoria?"

"I can't explain, Father," she says firmly. "I apologize for causing you the distress I did earlier, but you'll need me. We'll need each other to protect one another." Lois is becoming increasingly ill at ease, and then attempts to wipe it off her face.

"Leave now," Clark orders Victoria, and she superspeeds off. Lois gets to her feet and begins to laugh with joy.

"Oh my God, Clark!" she exclaims. "I just felt a kick!" Clark is worried about this; his child was developing at a very fast rate. For all he knows, the pregnancy could be a huge threat to Lois' life.

"Lois," he says slowly, "how've you been holding up? I mean, it was only hours ago when the test resulted in positive and now Victoria's already kicking."

"Stop being such a worrier, Smallville," she counters. "I've always wanted to be a mother - I just didn't expect to get pregnant now."

"I'm not being a worrier! I am happy for you and your pregnancy; I'm just worried that this pregnancy may be a risk to your life."

"Okay, Clark," Lois says reassuringly, "you aren't going to lose me. I promise - no matter what our daughter says, we'll be together...always and forever." She tenderly kisses him, and they embrace. Clark, however, isn't reassured.

Season 11, Episode 3: Revelation - Mia goes to the Kent farm to find Clark, Lois, Oliver and Victoria in a discussion. "You wanted to see me, Ollie?" she says. Lois is uncomfortable with Mia's presence, given their last encounter.

"We needed to see you, Mia," Victoria informs her.

"Just who the hell are you?!" Mia demands, having never met her. Clark and Lois' daughter speeds over to her so their faces are only inches apart.

"I am Victoria Lane-Kent," she tells her, her voice harder than steel. She is about to continue when Clark steps between the two women.

"There is no need to lose your temper with Mia. She's on our side, Victoria," he explains, startled to see that his daughter is distrustful towards their ally. "Vic, trust me. She's with us."

She visibly calms down. "Why are we all here?"

"We know what LexCorp allegedly did to the Daily Planet," Lois began. "He blew it up as to spread fear throughout Metropolis, yet he wants to 'buy' the city. We just have no idea why he'd want to do that. We've Chloe in Star City trying to hack into LexCorp's mainframe even as we speak."

"You have yet to tell me why the hell I'm here, Oliver," a frustrated Mia said.

"Mia, you're here because I believe you're ready to join the League," he told her, leaving her shocked. She was speechless.

"Join the League?" she asked.

"Mia, you're ready," Oliver insisted. "You've been contributing to the League in one way or another for the past 2 years."

"Oliver, what the hell -" Clark's wife said, only to be cut off by Oliver.

"Lois, she's just as valuable to this team as Clark is," he told her. "Just trust me on this one."

"Are we going to need Conner?" Clark asked.

"No," Victoria replied. "For this mission, we're going to need experienced Kryptonians. He's still struggling with his heat vision." Mia felt uncomfortable at this mention; she knew full well that Conner was in love with her.

"You know, Vic," she said. "He could be as valuable an asset as Clark is."

"Shut up, bitch," she snapped, and sped off, leaving the rest of the group confused. Why was she so hostile towards Mia, who was fighting on their side? It made no sense, unless she knew something they didn't.

"Anyway," Oliver continued, "one of us needs to get through LexCorp's tight security and get into Lex's files to get some answers about why he's rebooting 33.1."

Season 11, Episode 4: Return

Season 11, Episode 5: Choice

Season 11, Episode 6: Love

Season 11, Episode 7: Deus Ex Machina, Part 1

Season 11, Episode 8: Deus Ex Machina, Part 2

Season 11, Episode 9: Deus Ex Machina, Part 3

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Season 11, Episode 11: Arisen

Season 11, Episode 12: Labor

Season 11, Episode 13: Reincarnation

Season 11, Episode 14: Shayera

Season 11, Episode 15: Inception


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