Okay... I've said this before. I know I'll probably be ignored (as usual). This place needs a danged comment section beneath the articles and bio's. Almost EVERY Wiki that I know of has a comment section. Why doesn't this wiki have one? Smallville was an extremely popular series... with devoted fans. It would be nice if we could comment on our favorite heroes... or villains. It would be great to make comments about our favorite episodes... what we liked about them. Or even our least favorite episodes... even what we least liked about them. The bio's and articles are very interesting at this Wiki, but there's no way to comment... unless you create a blog or something. When I go to other Wiki's, I always read the latest comments. They're interesting... whether I agree with them or not. So... if a moderator is lurking around out there... see what you can do about adding a comment section. I truly believe more fans would take on a more active role here... as well as making this Wiki much more enjoyable.

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