Again... This wiki would be outstanding if it had a comment section. I'm almost finished with Smallville. I'm halfway thru Season 9. Things I like... I like the addition of Lois Lane in the series... she and the Erica Durance are great additions to the cast. Was sad to see Jonathan and Martha written out. I knew that it was kinda necessary, but missed them. But loved the send-off and good-bye the show gave Jonathan. My throat tightened when Martha and Clark watch an old home video with a child Clark and Jonathan riding on the tractor, then it zoomed on Jonathan while he waved, "Bye-bye!" Too touching for words. Loved the intro of Green Arrow. He was never a favorite hero of mine... never knew much about him. Loved the new look and style that the series gave him. I thought Aquaman was pretty good too. Loved Lionel Luthor.... and of course... the great job that Michael Rosenbaum did with Lex Luthor. The writers and Rosenbaum truly gave Luthor a complete make-over. Sensational. I also love the creation of Chloe Sullivan, who was never a character of the Superman Lore we knew. Chloe is a great addition, and long may she live in comic book land.

Things I didn't like so much. So MANY episodes... and no Martha Kent? Even Shelby the dog is in a few episodes. Just when they introduced the character of Jimmy Olsen... he dies! I felt that I hardly knew the Smallville version of Jimmy... he just wasn't fleshed out enough and had very little air time. I wasn't crazy with Lana Lang being made into a super hero. But, I guess they had to do something with her. Now that she's gone... I admit I kinda miss her. Wasn't in love with Kara all that much... would have preferred to see more of Martha or Jimmy... or even Lois or Aquaman. Would have liked to see more of Aquaman... he was part of the Legion, then he suddenly disappeared. Wasn't crazy about going thru Oliver's personal demons. Didn't like that sometimes I couldn't figure out just what in the hell was exactly going on. The episodes at times are difficult to follow. HATED... I mean HATED that Lex was written out of the show. Why in the hell would they write Lex out of the show when his character was just getting interesting? The evil Lex was just evolving throughout the show... then when he becomes truly corrupt with evil... he's written out. It's hard to imagine Superman without Lex Luthor. I know he's ultimately brought back... but the show's without Lex are missing something. It's called LEX LUTHOR.

However, the series is good. I'd recommend it. Like I said, I wasn't able to view some episodes because they weren't available. One was the introduction of Black Canary. I did see some of Black Canary in a couple of other episodes... and thought she was pretty cool. And, I have to say... that Smallville did a GREAT job in casting. I'll be finished with the series soon. Hopefully I'll get a chance to view the episodes that were unavailable.

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