Doesn't anyone communicate at this site anymore? I guess not since the series is kaput. Anyway, I guess I'll just speak to thin air and say how much I enjoyed the episode Insurgence. It's got to be the best episode I've seen out of all of them. A couple of late bloomer fans told me I'd enjoy Smallville... and they were SO right. Although it's had some oddball storylines, I've enjoyed the series greatly. I have to say they've had an awesome cast. I thought Visage was a really shabby tribute to Whitney. The actor was a regular on the series... they could have said something like "special guest star," especially since it was the actor's last time to play the character. I thought Tina's crush on Lana was just plain weird and wacko. The native Americans who could change into wolves in "Skinwalkers" seemed like a copy of Twilight. I kept waiting for Jacob to appear (teasing). That was another of my not so favorite episodes. I really was taken with the character of Ryan. I was actually routing for the Kent's to adopt him. I'm all for changing some of the superman lore and giving Clark a little brother. They've changed so many things with Smallville, so why not give Clark a brother? Ryan said he knew Martha's secret... I was thinking her secret was that she was going to have a baby... but so far nothings been mentioned about that. I read a Superman book a LONG time ago which explained how Clark got his glasses... how the Kent's were able to claim him as their son.... but I'll post it in another post later... for nobody to read. ;) But I have to say so far that Insurgence gets five gold stars. Loved it!

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