It's will by fictional Season 11

Main Characters

Recurring Characters

Characters who return in this season

Characters who return in this season will by Kara , Doomsday , Helen Bryce , Lucy Lane , Lana Lang , Pete Ross , Jonathan Kent , Lionel Luthor , Conner Kent , Dinah Lance , Bart Allen , Major Zod , Jol-El , Martian Manhunter , Arthur Curry , Winslow Schott and Rick Flag .

Helen return

Yes Helen Bryce return in this season . She was last seen in Season 3 second episode . In this season Helen have biggest role(in her role some characters as Sidney Austin , Bruce Wayne , Samuel Thomas and Dan Turin have contacs with some kryptonite serum who can kill people)


  • There will by three new main characters Bruce Wayne , Emil Hamilton and famele Sidney Austin.
  • Clark Lois and Lex will appear in all episodes during this season.
  • Emma Bell will play Sidney Austin.
  • Plans that Sindey will by based on Cassie Sandsmark are cancelled . Sindey only by important character with big secret.


  • Main Antagonists during this season will by Lex Luthor and new character.
  • During this season there will by another death of female that mean Chloe or Sidney dies in this season . More likely that Sidney die because she only appear in 7 episodes and only first half.

Okay guys , I need you help I need ten new characters from both Superman and Batman comics.

This are spoiler about few episodes.

Future - Clark finally are know as Superman . New teenager named Sidney start live in old Lana house and start have strangs dreams that she will by killed strange man . Back in metropolis Clark meet with Bruce Wayne who have his own secret.

'Nightmares - Clark and Chloe start fallow Bruce to find what he are hide . Lex have important meeting with sombody who can back his memory . And Sindey start learn more about her dreams.

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