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    July 15, 2011 by XV DEaD ShOT xV

    Hey guys I just recently got photoshop and wil be posting new pictures of my own. I will also make pictures for other people who want them. Here is one example, I am a BIG basketball fan. One of my favorite players is, Superman, Dwight Howard. It is my very first one so it is not that great. Ok. So I made another one of what Superman will look like in the Man of Steel. Again, My first day with Photoshop so I'm an ameteur. For my other pictures they are in My Shield of Justice spin-off. They are the two at the bottom.

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  • XV DEaD ShOT xV

    Christina Phillips is a recurring character in season one of Smallville: Shield of Justice and a main character in season two. She acts as a main love interest for Conner, and eventually girlfriend.

    She was born in Sydney, Australia and grew up in New York City, New York from ages two through nine. When she was nine years old, her father abandoned her and her mother, and two years later her mother died of cancer. She went to live with her aunt in Smallville, Kansas after that.

    She is a blonde girl, with blue eyes. When she was hit with Conner's Superman Vision, she grew 2 inches taller, and her eyes turned green.

    In high school she was one of the popular ones. Her supposed friends were always mean to Conner, and continued to do it even after …

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  • XV DEaD ShOT xV

    Hal Jordan

    July 3, 2011 by XV DEaD ShOT xV
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  • XV DEaD ShOT xV

    Bruce Wayne

    July 3, 2011 by XV DEaD ShOT xV

    Bruce Wayne was the CEO of Wayne Industries by day, and by night he is the vigilante, The Batman.

    Bruce Wayne was raised and adopted by Alfred Pennyworth, his butler, in the later years of his childhood. After they went to the theater, his father, Thomas Wayne, and his mother, Martha Wayne, were murdered in a mugging by Victor Fries, AKA Mr. Freeze. It was that incident, that inspired Bruce to clean up Gotham, and adopt the alias, Batman.

    Bruce Wayne could be considered a mysterious person, mostly because it is crucial that he keeps his identity a secret. He has gotten close to two women in his life. Selina Kyle, otherwise known as Catwoman, and revealed his secret to her. Secondly, he fell in love with Vicki Vale, and also revealed his secret…

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