Jason Behr
Bruce Wayne
Family Martha Wayne (deceased), Thomas Wayne (deceased), Alfred Pennyworth (adoptive father)
Occupation CEO of Wayne Industries, Co-Leader of Justice League (Justice League (Episode))
Powers and
Peak Human Strength, Genius Intellect, Expert Mixed Martial Artist, Peak Human Agility
Played By Jason Behr
Status Alive
Last Seen Smallville: Shield of Justice

Bruce Wayne was the CEO of Wayne Industries by day, and by night he is the vigilante, The Batman.


Bruce Wayne was raised and adopted by Alfred Pennyworth, his butler, in the later years of his childhood. After they went to the theater, his father, Thomas Wayne, and his mother, Martha Wayne, were murdered in a mugging by Victor Fries, AKA Mr. Freeze. It was that incident, that inspired Bruce to clean up Gotham, and adopt the alias, Batman.


Bruce Wayne could be considered a mysterious person, mostly because it is crucial that he keeps his identity a secret. He has gotten close to two women in his life. Selina Kyle, otherwise known as Catwoman, and revealed his secret to her. Secondly, he fell in love with Vicki Vale, and also revealed his secret to her.


Bruce Wayne has brown eyes and brown hair. He is extremely fit and muscular, due to extreme time and dedication to working out.


  • His enemy, Ra's Al Ghul, was his trainer and teacher in martial arts.

    Bruce when Clark started High School

  • When Clark started High School, Bruce was graduating.

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