Christina phillips
Christina Phillips
Family Unnamed Father, Unnamed Mother (deceased), Deborah Johnsen (maternal aunt)
Occupation Student at Smallville High School, Waitress at The Chopshop
Powers and
Flight, X-Ray Vision, Tactile Telekinesis, Heat Vision, Super Strength, Super-Speed, Telescopic Vision, Regeneration (All Gained from Superman Vision Permanently)
Played By Emilie de Ravin
Status Alive
"You don't have to do this alone!"
—Christina to Conner Kent[src]

Christina Phillips is a recurring character in season one of Smallville: Shield of Justice and a main character in season two. She acts as a main love interest for Conner, and eventually girlfriend.


She was born in Sydney, Australia and grew up in New York City, New York from ages two through nine. When she was nine years old, her father abandoned her and her mother, and two years later her mother died of cancer. She went to live with her aunt in Smallville, Kansas after that.


She is a blonde girl, with blue eyes. When she was hit with Conner's Superman Vision, she grew 2 inches taller, and her eyes turned green.

Years in High School

In high school she was one of the popular ones. Her supposed friends were always mean to Conner, and continued to do it even after Christina's dislike of it. Her real best friend was Lena Torkson, who also did not approve of them being mean to Conner. She would try to talk to him, but he would always be too nervous. One day she asked him why he never talked to her, and he replied saying that he would have to lie if he did. She convinced him to tell her why, and he revealed his secret to her. After that she fell in love with Conner, and they began dating. She became the new Lois Lane, because saving her would always be at the top of Conner's list. She also made Conner's suit for him. Eventually, she was mortally wounded by Bizarro while on Htrae. Since Htrae orbits a blue star, Conner was able to use Superman Vision on her, but since it was him who did it, she only gained his powers not all kryptonian powers. She also did not gain invulerability, but regeneration.

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