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    New Green Arrow series

    January 14, 2012 by Zodisgod

    The CW network (the network the aired Smallville) is currently developing a new series based on Green Arrow, however as of now the show will not be a spin off from Smallville, it will be its own seperate continuity.

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    • Maggie Sawyer - Jill Teed (All seasons)
    • Dan Turpin - David Paetkau (All seasons)
    • John Jones - Phil Morris (All seasons)
    • Kate O' Hara - Anna Kendrick (All seasons)
    • Doug Parker - Shane West (Season 2 - )
    • Jessica Chambers - Kristen Bell (Season 2 - )

    "Hope" by The Blackout.

    September 21 2012


    On a dark, rain-filled night two Metro PD Homicide detectives arrive at an abandoned warehouse.

    "Detective Sawyer, Detective Williams could I get a quote for the front page" a voice calls out. Sawyer recognising the voice turns with a sigh.

    "Kent how is it you always get to our crime scenes before us, maybe we should call you for information instead of listening to our dispatch."

    "So that's a no then."

    "It's a may…

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    Metropolis PD spin off

    June 26, 2011 by Zodisgod

    So I've been thinking about my own Season 11 blog and I've been reading everyone's and I think there amazing but all very similar. I've decided to try write something from a different point of view. I'm not a great writer but I'll do my best.

    Basicly my idea is based on the comic series Gotham Central, and also on the various police and detective shows that are out there.

    Main characters are:

    • Maggie Sawyer, Captain of the Major Crimes Unit.
    • Dan Turpin, Vice-Captain of the MCU.
    • John Jones, partnered with Dan, media liason of the MCU.
    • Kate O' Hara, new character created for the show, recent transfer from Gotham

    Recurring characters are:

    • Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet.
    • Lois Lane, reporter for the Daily Planet.
    • Cat Grant, former Daily Planet …
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