So I've been thinking about my own Season 11 blog and I've been reading everyone's and I think there amazing but all very similar. I've decided to try write something from a different point of view. I'm not a great writer but I'll do my best.

Basicly my idea is based on the comic series Gotham Central, and also on the various police and detective shows that are out there.

Main characters are:

  • Maggie Sawyer, Captain of the Major Crimes Unit.
  • Dan Turpin, Vice-Captain of the MCU.
  • John Jones, partnered with Dan, media liason of the MCU.
  • Kate O' Hara, new character created for the show, recent transfer from Gotham

Recurring characters are:

  • Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet.
  • Lois Lane, reporter for the Daily Planet.
  • Cat Grant, former Daily Planet reporter, currently works for Galaxy Broadcating.
  • Commissioner William Henderson, commissioner of Metropolis PD and the man who created the MCU
  • Dr. Emil Hamilton, doctor at Metropolis General hospital who also works as an ME for Metro PD

Mostly the MCU will deal with the super powered crimes in the city but they aren't limited to just that.

I've decided that Oliver realised that the public knowing he is Green Arrow was hindering his heroing so he got Zatana to erase that knowledge from the public. The same spell also helped Clark establish that he and Superman are two seperate people.

Theme for the show is "Hope" by The Blackout. I'm using this because there is a new sense of hope in Metropolis since Superman came out of the shadows.

So that's my idea. I would really like to hear your suggestions and feedback, if people seem interested I'll start writing.

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