Vigilante Costumes are a variety of different colour and textured costumes that hide or conceal the identity of Vigilantes or Super-Heroes.

Known Costumes

The Blur/Superman

The Blur/Superman's costume is currently a dark red jacket with the House of El symbol on its chest over a blue t-shirt and jeans and worn by Clark Kent. Clark's first costume wasn't a costume at all but his normal red and blue clothing that he wore but when his identity as a vigilante was near exposure, he decided to wear just Red and Blue when acting as a super hero. It consisted of a red jacket over a blue t-shirt with his jeans. After Lois Lane went missing, Clark became a recluse and after conducting training with Jor-El, created his own "costume" of a black t-shirt that bore his family shield with a black trenchcoat over the top. After seeing his future and realising the need for colour to inspire hope, created his last blur outfit. His Superman outfit was made by Martha Kent and it consists of a blue low-collar long-sleeved shirt with a pentagon-shaped, red-lined and yellow shield emblem with a red House of El symbol in the middle on the chest with blue pants with red trunks, a yellow belt, a pair of red boots and a red flowing low-collar long cape with a yellow and black-lined version of the s-shield in the middle on the back. Due to Clark's conquering his inner doubts and fears and fully mastering his powers, he was bequeathed the suit by both the AI Jor-El and the spirit of his adoptive father, Jonathan Kent. Six months later, he decided to change his costume. He removed the red trunks, and replaced it with a red belt trimmed in gold with a gold buckle. Blue-gray bands now run lengthwise along his sides from under the arms to his boots. The Mark of El on the cape is now in dark silhouette with all the yellow removed. Clark explained that he put lead in the shield of his new suit to protect himself from being shot with Kryptonite bullets. Superman's belt buckle can also be used as a communication device for Watchtower, and has a holo-computer.

Green Arrow

Worn by Oliver Queen, it is an all in one green leather hooded outfit along with a pair of high tech dark glasses. It has no sleeves and is worn with a pair of black gloves but a long sleeved version is available for colder environments. It has a hip holster for his small crossbow and has black boots. After burning his costume after giving up his life as Green Arrow, Oliver returned to create a new outfit which has more black corporated onto the abdomen region creating an arrow shape on his chest. He later reverted to a costume similar to his first Green Arrow costume 6 months after Contact. After a near fatal encounter with Prometheus, Oliver abandoned the green leather look, in favor of a new armored suit.


Impulse's costume is an all red hooded costume worn by Bart Allen. It is broken into 2 parts, the top half and bottom half. The top half is a red hooded jacket that bears Bart's signature yellow lightning bolt on the back over the top of a red long sleeved shirt along with a pair of dark red glasses to conceal his identity. The bottom half is a pair of red jeans, a red belt and red trainers. He also wears a red cuff around each of his wrists. Few months after Clark officially went public as Superman, Bart Allen changed his whole look, he shaved his hair back to his short blond hair, in order to cut down drag, similar to what swimmers do in order to be more aerodynamic when he runs.[1][2] He also changed his costume to a red sweatshirt with a white lightning bolt over his chest and torso and black sleeves along with black running pants, red, black and white high-tech running sneakers and red cuff around each wrist as well as a pair of red sports goggles with yellow lenses which also has an elastic band(to keep the shades from flying off as Bart drops out of super speed).

Black Canary

The Black Canary outfit is a black costume with fishnets worn by Dinah Lance. It consists of a pair of black fishnets and boots that have attachments for knifes and throwing equipment. The top half is a black top than also has compartments for knifes. As well as a no sleeved top, Black Canary also has a long sleeved top which is now mostly worn over the shorter. When not in disguise, Dinah wears a long dark wig but as Black Canary, she leaves her natural blonde hair exposed and also wears dark face paint to conceal her identity.


As Aquaman, Arthur wears a customized wet suit that has an orange and green top with a hood. There are two variations of this top: one with sleeves and one without. He also wears green pants and shoes, a black snap-on belt, and has a small dagger saddled to his leg. His costume also features the outline of an "A" in green stitching. Once Arthur accepted his Atlantean destiny and goes on stealth missions with his wife Mera, he started wearing a stealth wetsuit with the same colors as his usual outfits. It was black with a yellow line patter on it.


As Cyborg, Victor Stone wears a silver high-tech looking vest with deep purple stripes that also has a hood and a dark gray shirt underneath that has blue stripes near the wrists. He also wears a belt with a silver buckle, black sweatpants and silver running shoes.

Angel of Vengeance

When operating as the "Angel of Vengeance", Andrea Rojas wears a long dark leather double tailed trench coat with red insides, black leather pants, high laced boots with spikes on the sides. She also wears a crimson t-shirt, two black leather climbing gloves and a silver spiked bracelet. She wears a black belt, with a metal skull shaped buckle with two swords in an X-shape under it.

She also wears a mask that reaches from her forehead to nose, and covers the top of her hair, and surround her eyelids in black makeup. Andrea has stated that while in disguise, she swaps her glasses out for contact lenses.

Maiden of Might/Supergirl

When Kara Kent started to go public as a super-hero, her costume is a light blue, long sleeved shirt, with a red skirt, and red boots with yellow stripes.


Being a mere human, Bruce Wayne wears a Bat-inspired costume that is armored to withstand massive physical damage to defend himself from injury as Batman. During his career as a vigilante he has been shown to have worn at least three different suits. The first seen in a flashback at Checkmate headquarters (Detective) is a lot closer to the comic book counterpart, and probably was the first one and the prototype to the armored one. It seems to be gray Kevlar or maybe leather-made costume with black bands that run length wise along his sides from under the arms to his knees; a pair of reinforced black gloves and boots, the classic wing-like cape and a "bat" helmet very similar to what he wears with the second batsuit, a yellow utility belt and a large bat symbol on his chest that reached half way across the armor on his shoulders.

His current costume (Detective), which has been shown much more, is armored, dark-toned, and is modeled after a knight. This suit makes him look bigger than he actually is in order to intimidate his enemies. A cross between antique and futuristic, it possess a base layer of some kind of padded material and various flexible metal plates, one of which bears the logo of the bat on his chest. His head, underneath the helmet is protected by padded headgear similar to what knights wore. He wears a black utility belt, a reinforced bat eared cowl and a wing-like kevlar cape to complete his look as The Batman.  Somehow the cowl covers or colors the lower part of his face without obscuring it.  This is probably done to hide his face in shadows and make it even harder for him to be recognized.  Other than protecting Bruce from sustaining massive and detrimental injuries to his body, his armored suit enhances his physical attributes and protects his body from both impacts and explosions (Detective). His cowl is equipped with a com-link, much like Superman's blue-tooth ear-piece, so he can contact his partner Nightwing or Alfred while on patrol of Gotham.  His cowl also has white lenses within the eyes to give Batman an element of being inhuman to those he confronts and serves the purpose of given Batman enhanced vision.  This performs similar to Superman's X-ray vision by some technological means and highlights human skeletons to spot opponents in the dark and behind walls. The emblem on his chest and the gloves can be used as a means to project artificial solar light (be it "Red Sun" or "Yellow Sun" radiation) for use on kryptonians, like Superman. The belt buckle can generate heat to help free him if he is encased in ice.

A third armored Batsuit with thermal protection capability was created by Bruce during Detective to defeat Mr. Freeze. This suit was an fully enclosed and does not even expose the lower face of The Dark Knight and possible could have been powered armor to compete against Freeze's upgraded gear.


As Hawkman, Carter Hall costume is composed of dark green leather pants, knee-high brown boots, and a muscle cuirass (metal chest plate designed to look like a man's torso). He wears a golden harness that is attached to a pair of large gray wings, which allow him flight.

In the center of the wing harness is a red-and-black hawk emblem. Carter also wears a golden helmet designed to look like the head of a hawk with large golden wings on either side. Carter carries with him, at all times in costume, a large spiked mace.

Zatanna Zatara

When Zatanna Zatara is on the job as a magician, she usually wears a top hat, a black tuxedo jacket with a white top underneath and a white bow-tie around her neck, with black fishnet tights and black, knee-high high-heeled boots.

In Icarus, Zatanna was briefly seen wearing something similar to her magician outfit, except she was wearing a black leather jacket and without a hat.

Booster Gold

Booster Gold wears a super-hero costume that he stole in the future; a blue and gold uniform made from what appears to be leather, designed with a blue star in the center of his chest, gold gauntlets with blue gloves that have gold mechanisms in the center that can emit beams of energy and blue boots. The costume is also covered in a series of corporate sponsors much like NASCAR drivers.

He often wears a pair of yellow colored sunglasses and what looks to be a hands-free telephone device that is in reality his artificial intelligent companion and time-line information source: Skeets, which he stole from a museum before coming to the early 21st Century.

Booster also wears a Legion ring that he admits he stole from the Legion.