Sam Phelan, a rogue cop appearing in episode 1x09, is the first villain of the week who is not a meteor freak.

Lineage 022

Rachel Dunleavy, mother of Lex's half-brother Lucas, appears in episode 2x07 as the first female villain of the week.

Aethyr and Nam-Ek

The disciples of Zod, two Kryptonians, appear in episode 5x01 as the first alien villains of the week.

Bizarro Face

Bizarro, villain of the week in episodes 6x22, 7x01, and 7x10, is a phantom wraith escaped from the Phantom Zone.

A villain of the week refers to a villain who is prominently featured in a Smallville episode, typically appearing only in a single episode.


The typical formula for a "villain of the week" episode has three key elements:

  1. The villain of the week appears in Smallville or Metropoils or comes in contact with one of the main characters.
  2. He attempts to kill, somehow hurt or terrorize someone else.
  3. He is eventually subdued (usually by Clark), and either ends up somehow dying or, alternatively, being taking into prison or Belle Reve. Occasionally they convert and go back to a non-criminal life.

The villain of the week may be a normal human being or an alien, for an example a Kryptonian, or a zoner who escaped from the Phantom Zone (the predominant villain of the week type in season 6).

For episodes in which the villain of the week is a meteor freak refer to Freak of the week.

For episodes focussing on a character who is not a villain refer to Character of the week or Hero of the week.

Villains by season

Season One

Image Episode Villain of the week
Smallville109 054 1x09 Rogue Sam Phelan, a rogue cop, learned Clark Kent's secret and blackmailed Clark to commit robberies, otherwise he would make his secret public. At one of these robberies, Clark succeeded to alarm the security guards who shot Phelan to death.
Zero42 1x14 Zero Roy Rothman tortured Lex as a vengeance for the suicide of his sister Amanda Rothman for which he made Lex responsible. He was rendered unconscious by Clark and thereafter probably taken to prison.
Obscura 267 1x20 Obscura Gary Watts, deputy sheriff of Smallville, wanted to improve his reputation by rescuing Chloe whom he himself had kidnapped. When this plan failed due to Lana's visions, he tried to kill Lana and later "solve" her murder. Lana was rescued by Clark, and Watts was shot to death by the police.
Smallville121 523 1x21 Tempest

(season finale)

Roger Nixon had long observed Clark and discovered his secret. He tested Clark's invulnerability by blowing up his car, overheared Clarks talkwith his parents and found the spaceship. He left the cellar threatening to publish the secret and was followed by Jonathan. The plot continues in episode 2x01.
  • For the villains of episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, and 19 see Freak of the week.

Season Two

Image Episode Villain of the week
Vortex602 2x01 Vortex
(continuation of
1x21 Tempest)
Roger Nixon and Jonathan were trapped in an old crypt when the tornado dropped a house on them. When Clark freed them, Nixon used meteor rocks to weaken and abduct him. When Jonathan wanted to prevent this, Nixon attacked him with an iron bar, but was shot by Lex.
Rachel Dunlevy 2x07 Lineage Rachel Dunleavy had been forced by Lionel to give her common son Lucas, the result of an affair, free for adoptation. She came to Smallville believing that Clark was her son. When she tried to kill Lex as a revenge that Lionel had taken away her child, she was overcome by Clark and taken into custody. Lucas himself appeared in episode 2x15.
Smallville212 200 2x12 Insurgence The Insurgence team consisting of Kern, Pine, Nicky, and Bishop was hired by Lex to plant listening devices in the office of Lionel. When Lionel and Martha entered the office, they were taken hostages. Kern was shot by Pine. The rest of the team was overcome by Clark. Pine was shot by Lionel, and Nicky and Bishop were arrested by the police.
Suspect 659 2x13 Suspect Ethan Miller, sheriff of Smallville, shot Lionel by whom he had been blackmailed. He had Jonathan drugged and then laid out circumstantial evidence which led to the arrest of Jonathan. When Miller learned that Lionel had survived, he tried to kill him again, but was overcome by Clark and taken to prison.
Precipice 344 2x19 Precipice Paul Hayden, ex-boyfriend of Helen Bryce, tried to win her back from Lex. He even injured himself and blamed it on Lex. When Helen rejected him, he almost killed her. Lex followed him and would almost have shot him, but was prevented from pulling the trigger by the influence Helen had on his life.
Calling5 2x22 Calling Frederick Walden, a linguist studying the symbols of the Kawatche Caves, had recevied the ability to emit a ray of energy from his hand when he inserted the key into the cave wall. Ha also learned of Clark's alien origin and wanted to kill him, believing him to be a danger for the mankind. In the attempt to do so, he killed himself by blowing-up a gas tank.
  • For the villains of episodes 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 20, and 21 see Freak of the week.

Season Three

Image Episode Villain of the week
Smallville302 504 3x02 Phoenix Morgan Edge, crime lord in Metropolis for whom Clark worked in episode 2x01, threatened Clark and the Kent family. He was shot by Lionel's security staff and assumed to be dead, but returned in episode 3x08 and was finally shot to death by Lex.
Smallville303 415 3x03 Extinction Van McNulty, a Smallville High student, started hunting meteor freaks when his father was killed by Tina Greer. When trying to shoot Clark, he was kicked unconscious by Lana. He was then taken to Belle Reve where he was killed in episode 3x09.
77865 3x05 Perry Perry White, a disgraced reporter, wanted to find out more about the Smallville meteor freaks and about Clark's secret. He returned to Metropolis without results and later became editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet.
Altman 3x12 Hereafter Joseph Altman, coach at Smallville High School, went mad after the death of his daughter and wantet to kill Lana and another girl whom he made responsible for his daughter's death. He was killed in an explosion caused by himself.
Dante 3x13 Velocity Jason Dante, a young mechanic, tuned racing cars by adding kryptonite to the fuel in order to cheat at illegal street races. When he tried to kill Pete during a race, he lost control over his car and died himself instead.
Resurrectionws 099 3x15 Resurrection Garrett Davis, an orphan living with his brother who had a sever liver disease, took hostages at the Smallville Medical Center and threatened to blow up the hospital using a kryptonite bomb. He was shot to death by a deputy sheriff.
Talismanws 017 3x20 Talisman Jeremiah Holdsclaw, a Kawatche Indian, got into into possession of a mythic dagger that gave him super powers. He wanted to kill Clark and Lionel and fell into a coma when losing the dagger in a fight with Clark.

Season Four

Image Episode Villain of the week
Devoted1 4x04 Devoted Mandy, Mara, Mary, and Rhonda, the Cheerleaders of Devotion, created kryptonite-laced drinks to control the football players with devotion. The love potion, however, had a side effect to change the drinker's personalities. At the end, Lois and Clark found out how to stop the effect of the potion.
Smallville408 307 4x08 Spell Isobel Thoreaux, Madelyn Hibbins and Brianna Withridge, three witches who had been burned in the 17th century, took possession of Lana, Chloe and Lois and searched for the Stones of Power. All the three returned to normal when Clark used his heat vision to destroy Isobel's spell book.
Bound7 4x09 Bound Shannon Bell framed Lex for a murder as a revenge that he had ruined her live and did not even recognize her in spite of having had an affair with her. She finally even tried to kill Lex by burning him in his house, but was overcome by Clark and presumably taken to prison.
Krypto2 4x14 Krypto Josh and Zack, the Greenfield brothers used dogs left over from an abandoned LuthorCorp experiment to commit robberies. As they prepared to blow up the truck with the dogs, they were knocked out by Clark and taken to jail. One of the dogs, Shelby, stayed with the Kents
416Smallville0140 4x16 Lucy Lucy Lane, younger sister of Lois, came to Smallville pretending she was chased by the Swiss loan shark Marcus Becker to whom she owned $50,000. In fact, she conspired with Becker to extort money from Lex. They were stopped by Clark and Becker was arrested, but Lucy escaped with Lex's money and went into hiding.
  • For the villains of episodes 2, 3, 7, 11, 12, 13, 18, and 21 see Freak of the week.

Season Five

Image Episode Villain of the week
Disciples of Zod 5x01 Arrival Aethyr and Nam-Ek, the disciples of Zod, have come to earth with the Black Ship in search of Kal-El. They try to banish Clark to the Phantom Zone, but in the end Clark succeeds in banishing them.
Hidden1 5x03 Hidden Gabriel Duncan, son of an Air Force colonel, planned to eliminate all the meteor freaks by launching a nuclear missile that would destroy Smallville. He killed Clark and kidnapped Chloe. When Chloe tried to flee, they fought and Gabriel was accidentally shot with his own gun. Clark was revived by Jor-El and succeeded in disabling the missile.
5x08 0691 5x08 Solitude Milton Fine, the human alias of Brainiac, gained Clark's confidence and convinced him to destroy the Fortress of Solitude. When they arrived there, Fine weakened Clark by green kryptonite to make him a vessel for Zod. Chloe saved Clark by removing the kryptonite. In a fight with Clark, Fine was impaled on the console of the fortress.
Fanatic0066 5x10 Fanatic Samantha Drake, student at Central Kansas A&M and head of the Students for Lex Luthor group, was devoted to Lex. In order to help him against Jonathan, his opponent in the elections for the Senate, she kidnapped Lois and tried to force her to shoot Jonathan during a speech. However, Lois succeeded in overwhelming her and Samantha was taken to prison.
Greg Flynn 5x11 Lockdown Greg Flynn, a police officer, was the only one surviving the massacre by the disciples of Zod. He and his partner and fiancee Harris kidnapped Lex and Lana and forced them to disclose the location of the Black Ship. When they blew up warehouse 15 after they discovered the ship had vanished, they were arrested.
Hypnotic0079 5x16 Hypnotic Simone Charcot had killed her father to inherit a blue gemstone which gave her the ability to hypnotize people. When she used her power on Lex to make him shoot Chloe, the two struggled for the gun until the gun went off, shattered the gemstone and killed Simone.
Lana, Lance & Ally 5x17 Void Lance and his girlfriend Ally, medical students at Metropolis University, had created the Limbo drug which caused a near-dead state in which people could speak to the dead. Ally died from using the drug to often, and Lance died when he fell on a bone saw with which he tried to kill Lana who had become addicted to the drug.
The Tormenter 5x19 Mercy Lincoln Cole had lost his job due to Lionel and hated him. He kidnapped Lionel and tormented him with life-threatening games. He also kidnapped Martha and threatened her life as well in order to make Lionel suffer more. Lionel and Martha were saved by Clark, and Lincoln was apprehended by Lex and surrendered to the authorities.

Season Six

Image Episode Villain of the week
Zod leaves Lex 6x01 Zod Zod, using Lex as his vessel, intended to extirpate men and to turn Earth into a Krypton-like planet. After he apparently had defeated Clark in a fight, Clark succeeded to put the Crystal of El into Zod's hand, separating Zod's spirit from Lex's body and sending it back to the Phantom Zone.
Sneeze4 6x02 Sneeze Orlando Block and Wagner kidnapped Lex by order of Oliver. Against Oliver's instructions, however, Block tortured Lex to learn how he became super-powered. He was killed by Lex with a serum injected into the back of his neck, while Wagner escaped and reported to Oliver.
603Smallville0957 6x03 Wither Gloria, an alien Zoner having the power to control plant life with her mind, lived in the woods around Smallville. She catched male humans with vines and stored her seeds in them to reproduct herself. She was killed by the electricity when Clark shorted out the lamps in a greenhouse by setting off the sprinklers with his heat vision.
606Smallville0665 6x06 Fallout Baern, a phantom wraith, took possession of Lamar and killed his friend Yance. On his way to find Clarkin order to kill him, he absorbed energy from nuclear facilities and finally of the black box to enhance his powers. Clark used the Crystal of El to drive Baern out of Lamar and send him back to the Phantom Zone.
Static4 6x08 Static Beside Bronson as the freak of the week, the episode also featured Aldar, an alien Zoner. He killed people, tearing out their bones and sucking out the bone marrow. Aldar easily defeated Clark. As he was about to break Clark's body, he was killed by the Martian Manhunter.
Hudson 6x12 Labyrinth Dr. Hudson, a phantom wraith having the power of mind control, entered Clark's mind and made him believe that his alien origin and his powers were only in his imagination. He tried to subject Clark to a treatment which would have given him full powers over Clark's mind. He was extracted from Clark by the Martian Manhunter with the Phantom Zone crystal.
Tresspass0480 6x14 Trespass Mack, a security guard working for Lex, started to stalk Lana. He tried to kill her when she was alone at Luthor Mansion. When they fought on the roof of the mansion, they fell through a skylight. Lana was saved by Clark, but Mack died from the fall.
Combat0521 6x17 Combat Titan, an alien Zoner, fought at an underground fight club run by Richtor Maddox. Clark joined the fight club to overcome Titan. During the fight, Titan first knocked Clark down, but Clark recovered and beat back. Titan finally died when he fell upon his own hand-spike.
Nemesis0025 6x19 Nemesis Jodi Keenan trapped Lex in an underground tunnel. She threatened to blow up the tunnel system if Lex would not let her talk to her husband Wes. Lex asserted that Wes had died in Afghanistan. When he tried to wrestle Jodi's gun away from her, it went off and she was injured. She then set off an explosion by which she was killed herself.
WesPrototype 6x21 Prototype Wes Keenan had been turned into a super soldier by Lex's Project Ares using the genes of meteor-infected humans and of the Zoner Titan. After a successful test, Wes was sent to kill Senator Ed Burke and then Lois who had witnessed the murder. In order to save Lois, Clark used his heat vision to penetrate Wes's force field, thus unintentionally killing Wes.
Bizarro-Phantom-01 6x22 Phantom

(season finale)

Bizarro, a phantom wraith and the last of the Zoners who had escaped with Clark from the Phantom Zone, took Clark's DNA to regain a body having super-powers. In a fight with Clark, he threw Clark through the side wall of Reeves Dam, thus destroying the dam, and flew after him. The plot continues in episode 7x01.

Season Seven

Image Episode Villain of the week
701Smallville1005 7x01 Bizarro Bizarro tried to kill Clark, but was weakened by the yellow sun and knocked out by Clark. He forced Lex to show him his stocks of green kryptonite to strengthen himself again. After knocking Lex unconscious, Bizarro fought with Clark again. Clark punched him upward into the sky from where he was taken away by the Martian Manhunter.
DrKnox 7x04 Cure Dr. Curtis Knox, the present appearance of an immortal being of unknown origin, killed meteor infected people and used their meteor-enhanced organs for his wife Sophia in order to make her immortal, too. When he attempted to remove Chloe's heart, he was overcome by Clark and taken away to an unknown place by the Martian Manhunter.
Action298 7x05 Action Ben Meyers, a fan of Warrior Angel, tried to kill Rachel Davenport who portrayed Warrior Angels girlfriend in a movie because she was killed in the comic, too. When Clark grabbed a bullet intended for her, Ben realized that Clark was the real super-hero and tried to kill Lana instead. Lana was saved by Clark, and Ben was taken to Belle Reve.
Normal blue363 7x08 Blue Zor-El, the father of Kara, was re-created as a clone from the blue crystal. He tried to wipe out mankind by causing an eclipse, planning to re-populate earth by his own descendants. When Clark destroyed the blue crystal, Zor-El's clone was annihilated.
Smallville gemini 167 7x09 Gemini Adrian Cross, a clone made from the DNA of Lex's brother Julian, threatened to kill Chloe if Lois did not write an article about him. When Lois confronted Lex in the presence of Grant Gabriel, another clone made from Julian's DNA, Lex knocked her down. Adrian then appeared himself, but was shot to death by Lex.
Blue K kills Bizarro 7x10 Persona Bizarro had taken over Clark's life while Clark was absent. When Clark returned and confronted Bizarro, Lana made Bizarro believe she loved him more than Clark to put him off guard. She then placed blue kryptonite into his hand, thereby overloading his body with energy and killing him.
Veritas272 7x15 Veritas Brainiac tried to abduct Kara, but was prevented from doing so by Clark. In order to force Kara to follow him, Brainiac put Lana into a catatonic state. Against Clarks advice, Kara then followed him deliberately and they left earth, but Lana's state did not change.
Vanessa webber 7x17 Sleeper Vanessa Webber, a Special Agent of the Department of Domestic Security, suspected Chloe to be a terrorist because she had hacked government computers in search of Brainiac and Kara. She first blackmailed Jimmy to spy upon her, but then captured Chloe and tortured her to learn for whom she worked. When she tried to electrocute Chloe, Jimmy knocked her out.
000428 7x19 Quest Edward Teague, former member of Veritas, lived in hiding as a monk. When Clark came to the church where he lived, Teague recognised him to be the Traveler Veritas was expecting. However, he believed Clark to be too weak to be able to resist Lex and tried to sacrifice him using a Kryptonian ritual. Chloe rescued Clark who then prevented Lex from killing Teague.
Brainiac defeated 7x20 Arctic

(season finale)

Brainiac, in the shape of Kara, made Lex believe he had to save Earth by destroying the Fortress of Solitude using the orb. When Chloe tried to stop him with green kryptonite, he tried to take over her mind, but was weakened at the attempt by Chloe's powers. When he tried to restore himself at an electrical plant, he was destroyed by Clark

Season Eight

Image Episode Villain of the week
MaximaInInstinct 8x04 Instinct Maxima, queen of the planet Almerac, appeared on earth in search of a suited mate to marry. She found that Clark was the Kryptonian she was looking for, but also sensed the love between him and Lois. She therefore tried to kill Lois, but Clark succeeded in activating her bracelet, thus sending her back to Almerac.
805Smallville1028 8x05 Committed Macy, a psychotic jeweler, kidnapped couples and used a lie detector to test their love for each other. When Chloe and Jimmy disappeared, Clark and Lois posed as a couple. Mace kidnapped them, too, weakening Clark by a kryptonite wrist-band. Mace made Lois confess that she loved Clark, but then Clark succeeded in removing the wrristband and knocking him unconscious.
Normal 808Smallville0240 8x08 Bloodline Faora, the wife of Zod who was banished as a phantom wraith to the Phantom Zone, escaped when Kara activated Zor-El's gateway for Lois. She arrived on earth and took possession of Lois as a Kryptonian vessel. She stabbed Davis with a rod to prove to him that he was not human. When she tried to kill Clark, she was extracted from Lois's body by Kara using the red crystal and sent back to the Phantom Zone.
Chloe Abyss 8x09 Abyss Brainiac took over the total control of Chloe whom he already had infected in episode 7x20 Arctic. He removed her memories one by one until the only person she remembered is Davis. In order to rescue her from Brainiac, Clark rebuilt the Fortress of Solitude from the Crystal of Knowledge and asked Jor-El to heal her. When removed from Chloe, Brainac took over the control of the fortress.
810Smallville1231 8x10 Bride Davis Bloome tried to prevent Chloe from marrying Jimmy, but she deleted his messages without reading them. Davis then transformed into his monster form as Doomsday and appeared at the wedding party where he hurt Jimmy and abducted Chloe. He brought her to the Fortress of Solitude where Brainiac took over control of her again.
Talbert 8x12 Bulletproof Talbert, a Metropolis police officer, and his collegue Joe Simmons were involved in illegal police activities and tried to involve Dan, too. To take down Green Arrow, they set a trap for him, and Talbert tried to force Dan to shoot him. When Dan refused, Talbert tried to kill both of them, but they were saved by Clark, and Talbert and Simmons were arrested.
814Smallville0457 8x14 Requiem Winslow Schott, the "Toyman", was a former employee of Queen Industries who was hired by Lex to kill Oliver. He planted a bomb at the LuthorCorp Plaza, but Oliver was only hurt and survived. Schott then tied Oliver to his bed in the hospital and placed a bomb hidden in a toy in his room. Oliver could free himself and used the toy bomb to kill Lex so that Schott was blamed for the murder.
816Smallville0618 8x16 Turbulence Davis Bloome killed criminals as a means for keeping the beast inside him from taking over. He injected Jimmy, who had witnessed one of his murders, with a drug so that people believed he had hallucinations. While he was attempting another murder, Jimmy chained him to a fence and Davis begun transforming. Chloe arrived and touched him, whereupon the transformation ceased and reversed.
Davis-8x20-01 8x20 Beast Davis Bloome met Oliver and Jimmy at the Talon and held them captive in his hiding place in Talon basement. When Jimmy taunted him, he begun to transform and tried to kill Jimmy to keep control over the beast within. Oliver said, Chloe would never forgive him for killing Jimmy, and Davis begun to choke Oliver instead. Just then, Clark arrived and took Davis away.
S08e22 (5)

8x22 Doomsday

(season finale)

Doomsday in his monster form was separated by Chloe from his human persona Davis Bloome using black kryptonite in order to save Davis. However, both proved to be evil. Doomsday broke loose and caused havoc in Metropolis. When he tried to kill Clark, Clark grabbed him and super-lept to a geothermal facility, where the Justice League set off explosives so that Doomsday was trapped under the Earth's surface. When Davis learned that Chloe only had stayed with him to protect Clark, and that she still loved Jimmy and not him, he stabbed Jimmy from behind. He then turned to kill Chloe as well for betraying him, but Jimmy used his last moments alive to push Davis into a spike, thus killing him and saving Chloe.

Season Nine

Image Episode Villain of the week
9x01  Savior
9x02 Metallo
9x04 Echo
9x10 Disciple
912Smallville0482 9x11 Absolute Justice Beside the JSA as heroes of the week, the episode also featured Cameron Mahkent who was known as Icicle because he had the power to freeze his surroundings. He killed three members of the JSA before he was overcome by the JSA and the Justice League together. He was taken to prison, but then taken away by Checkmate's leader Amanda Waller. She explained that she had only used him as a tool to make the JSA unite again and then shot him.

Season Ten

Image Episode Villain of the week
Normal 01607 10x01 Lazarus LX-13, a clone of Lex, escaped Cadmus Labs. He strung up Lois as a scarecrow and put the field around her on fire. He also planted a bomb on the Daily Planet rooftop to make the globe fall onto the people in the street. He believed Clark as the Blur could not overcome both the threats at the same time and asked him to choose whom to save. LX-13 died from accelerated aging while Clark both saved Lois from burning and caught the falling globe.
10x02 Shield Deadshot
10x03 Supergirl Gordon Godfrey
10x05 Isis The Egyptian goddess Isis possessed Lois Lane.
10x06 Harvest Joseph Cavanagh, leader of a congregation that lived at Meeker Springs

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