Series  Smallville Comic #3
Number  7
Writer  Clint Carpenter
Pencils  Tom Derenick
Inks  Oclair Albert
Colors  Trish Mulvihill
Lettering  Comicraft
Publication Date 
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Lex is visiting Lana to see if the anniversary of her parents isn't upsetting her. He then relays a story in which Lionel showed a moment of compassion for Lillian.


(Credit for the recap information goes to Neal Bailey from Superman Homepage.)

Lana is surprised to find Lex visiting her under the pretense of finding figures from the Talon. Really, he just wants to see if she's all right with regards to her parent's anniversary. Lex tells her that he sold his horse when his mother died. Lana questions if her real parents were even in love.

Flashback to a younger Lex talking baldness with his similarly afflicted mother, smitten with cancer. She makes him put on a hat, because he's putting her to shame with his looks.

They are celebrating what Lex thinks will be her last trip to the ranch. They move to round up the cattle, but Lionel lands, disrupting their pleasant time. Lionel criticizes Lex's hat.

Lex's mother is positive about the whole visit, not disgusted by Lex, as Lionel hasn't shown for the annual cattle drive for seven years.

Lex's mother send him off to get a stray calf. A snake creeps up on his mother's horse, and spooks her.

The horse flies off, and she's about to fall when Lionel swoops in on a horse and saves her.

Love again.

Lex tells Lana that over the next few days, the cynicism returned, but for once, through the goodness of his mother, his father lost his evil. He tells Lana that even if her mother and father had bad times, commitment can bring the good from the evil.

They visit their respective lost families.


  • Vows are an earnest promise to perform a specified act or behave in a certain manner, especially a solemn promise to live and act in accordance with the rules of a religious order: take the vows of a nun; A declaration or assertion; To promise solemnly; pledge. See Synonyms at promise; To make a pledge or threat to undertake: vowing revenge on their persecutors; To make a vow; promise.
  • In this story, Lex recalls how his father's wedding vows brought out the good in him.



Lana: Lex? What... What are you doing here?
Lex: You left the theater revenues out of The Talon's quarterly report, Lana. I don't usually make house calls for that sort of thing, but my Mafioso Enforcers have the day off.
Lana: I'm so sorry Lex. I'll... Go back to The Talon and get those figures for you. I'm just...
Lex: It can wait.
Lana: But you came all the way out here.
Lex: I may have had an ulterior motive. A certain caffeine-junkie metioned her latte this morning came with a side of barely repressed tears.
Lana: Chloe

Lillian: (Refering to Lex's hat) Alexander Luthor, you put that on right now.
Lex: Really mom, I don't think...
Lillian: Now Lex, I have it on good authority from Curly that it's the latest look in Missoula.
Lex: Since when does a billionaire's wife take fashion tops from the chuckwagon driver?

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