Wade Mahaney
Occupation Former football player
Powers and
Intangibility (through kryptonite tattoos)
Played By Kavan Smith
Status Deceased

Wade Mahaney was a football player at Smallville High School.

Early life

Wade had a dozen scholarships lined up until he blew out his knee. Somehow he discovered that meteor rock tattoos gave him and his friends the ability to phase through solid objects. He and his gang committed a dozen burglaries before one member of his gang left his arm behind in the door of the Smallville Savings and Loan's vault.

Season One

After Wade and his gang robbed Lex Luthor, they found Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan in the Luthor Mansion. The meteor rock from the tattoos rendered Clark powerless. Chloe got in the way, and was thrown out a window. She spent several days recovering in the hospital.

Wade recruited Whitney Fordman in his crew as they attempted to blackmail Lex for the contents of a certain disc that he didn't want public. Whitney betrayed Wade, and Wade tried to kill him, but Clark managed to stop Wade. Wade had planned to drop a car on Whitney. Wade was holding him under the car believing that his tattoo would keep him safe, but he miscalculated. His tattoo faded just as the car fell. Clark grabbed Whitney, but Wade was crushed.

Wade's friends were taken into custody. Lex promised to keep their secret as long as they kept his.

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