Wes Keenan
Family Jodi Keenan (wife, deceased)
Occupation Former Green Beret (U.S. Army Special Forces)
Powers and
Super strength, Super speed, Force field generation, Invisibility
Played By Tahmoh Penikett
Status Deceased (Prototype)
"Designation incorrect. Call sign: Ares, prototype, Mark IV." - Wes Keenan, Prototype

Wes Keenan was a decorated Green Beret used by Lex Luthor as a prototype for Project Ares, model Mark IV.

Physical Appearance


Wes Keenan

Wes was a tall, handsome former military brat.

He had short, brown hair, green eyes, and a scar on his right eyebrow that was caused when he and Lois were younger. They were drunk and Lois kissed Wes and he puked and passed out, cracking his head open.

As the "prototype", Wes lost all emotions and self-control, giving him a constant hard and cold demeanor. He wore a fully body, dark leather suit, a black belt, and combat boots. He also carried a large knife which he used for assassinations. (Prototype)

Powers and Abilities

Wes' powers and abilities were derived from the DNA strands of several metahumans that were part of Level 33.1 experiments and the genetic material of Phantom Zone escapee Titan, who was defeated by Clark Kent. Titan's genetic material also served, aside from super strength that matched Clark's, as an anchor to bind all the super powers to a single host. He obtained his force field ability from the Twins' DNA, invisibility from Graham, super speed from Emily Dinsmore, and super strength from Titan.


Energy shield ability

  • Energy Shield Generation - He could erect force-field barriers that can protect him from bullets, bombs, and lasers. This made him essentially and virtually invulnerable to physical attacks. Based on Chloe's description of a previous Project Ares super-soldier, only a low-level nuclear blast is enough to shatter his force field.
  • Invisibility - He could conceal his body, rendering him unseen, and also proved capable of extending this ability to other individuals.
  • Super Strength - Wes derived his strength from Titan's DNA. He could easily overpower humans. His punches carried significant force, enough to knock Clark across the barn. Clark commented later that he hadn't been hit that hard since he went up against Titan. This implies that Wes's strength was match to that of a teenage Kryptonian, or at least enough to challenge one.
  • Super Speed - He could run at extreme speeds that matched that of a teenage Kryptonian. He could perceive the world in slow-motion.
  • Super Agility - Wes seemed to have enhanced agility and balance compared to that of a normal human.

His design was such that LuthorCorp could reprogram his identity and mission. He was also immune to any form of electronic tracking.

Early life

Wes was an army brat like Lois Lane. He befriended both Lane and her father, General Sam Lane when they were young. The two had a childhood romance in grade school. Wes then joined the Army, where he was a decorated, model soldier, and trained to be a Green Beret. He married Jodi Keenan and went off to war.

As a Green Beret, he was severely injured on a mission in Afghanistan. His wife was informed of his death by helicopter crash, but she refused to believe he was dead and traced the connection between her husband and LuthorCorp.

Season Six


Wes hidden in Reeve's Dam

Jodi Keenan confronted Lex Luthor and demanded to know the truth about her husband while threatening to blow up a series of underground tunnels with Lex inside. However, Jodi died in the tunnels before Lex revealed Wes' true fate - Lex had recruited Wes after he was injured and fooled him into volunteering for Project Ares under the guise of helping wounded soldiers like him. Instead Lex turned him into a super soldier using the genes of kryptonite-infected humans. Wes was the first successful prototype of Project Ares' true mission.

Lois and Wes

A brainwashed Wes encounters Lois

Lex used Wes to go through the underground tunnels to reach the main lab by going through all of the armed forces that stood in his way. Wes was sent to kill Senator Ed Burke, then Lois Lane for witnessing the murder.

Wes attacks Clark

Due to his childhood connection to Lois, Wes was in conflict of the programmed control that was embedded in his head and fought to resist his orders to kill Lois but was unsuccessful. Clark had no choice but to use his heat vision at a maximum intensity to stop him and unintentionally kill him. Wes asked Lois to promise not to let this happen to anyone else.
Prototype 1

Wes dies by Lois' side

Wes' body went back into Lex's possession. Lex was undeterred at Wes' death and revealed that he has an unforeseen number of other soldiers waiting for similar treatment.



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