What I Did On My Summer Vacation
Series  Smallville Comic #2
Number  5
Writer  Clint Carpenter
Pencils  Tom Derenick
Inks  Norm Rapmund
Colors  Trish Mulvihill
Lettering  Comicraft
Publication Date 
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Chloe is currently working at the Daily Planet during her internship. During which, she has a brief crush on the Planet's new ace reporter, Ron Black. With some help from Lex and Pete, she aids him on a story.


(Credit for the recap information goes to Neal Bailey from Superman Homepage.)

Chloe Sullivan finds it difficult to adjust to her new internship at the Daily Planet. There are numerous chores, little or no writing, and a man named Ron has caught her eye, but she can't bring herself to talk to him.

She finds herself at a desk, working for Managing Editor Grant McKinnon's office, answering phones, and she overhears the editor berating Ron for his work on the Intertech contracts.

Chloe takes Ron's evidence and decides to help him out on her own. All he needs is a connection between mob boss Harvey Stitch and Intertech CEO Edgar Huff.

She finds Huff's office, and uses a fake badge to get past a secretary and access information that will help the story.

Pete meets with Chloe in Metropolis later to help, with the aid of Lex, who has building plans for the Huff building. Huff had Lex thrown out of Metropolis University as a joke, and Lex wants to teach him humility.

They break in and bypass security to see a meeting between Huff and Stitch. Chloe takes a picture, and the noise attracts the attention of the men. They go after Pete and Chloe. Pete punches a goon who corners Chloe, and they exit, post haste. Lex meets them outside in his car, and they depart, at speeds beyond the speed limit.

Chloe drops the information in Ron's box and the story is printed.

Later, Chloe calls Clark and they talk. While they do, Ron introduces Chloe to her fiancee, a gorgeous looking woman named Rayna. Chloe sighs and moves on with life.


  • This story takes place in between Vortex and Heat.


Lex: You're lucky you caught me... I'm due back in Smallville by midnight.
Pete: Using the press to take out the competitor, Lex? Typical.
Lex: Actually, this one's personal.
Chloe: Edgar Huff had Lex thrown out of Metropolis University for a practical joke.
Lex: Huff's humorless oaf of a son lacked... Humility. I simply tried to help him find some.

Lex: (Chloe and Pete are on the run as he's driving by) Get in.
Chloe: I thought you had to be back in Smallville, Lex.
Lex: That was before I realized you never told me how you found out about my expulsion.
Chloe: A good reporter never reveals her sources.
Lex: I could always drop you back at the technology plaza...

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