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Whitesnake are an English rock band that Lois Lane is particularly fond of.




Clark: (to Lois) Is there anything I can do to make this move go faster? Maybe pack your three closets of clothing? Burn your loofah sponge? Take your Whitesnake collection to Goodwill?
Season Five, Exposed

Lois: (to Clark, after recovering from red kryptonite) Wow - Whitesnake - I must have really liked you.
Season Six: Crimson

Clark: Hey, Lois. Where can I put this box?
Lois: Well, I don't think that requires any super-sleuthing. It does say "living room."
Clark: No, I can decipher your scrawl. I'm just thinking it was mislabeled.
Lois: If you're talking about my Whitesnake throw pillow, loving everything about me includes the sentimental. I made this from my 8th grade concert t-shirt. And I talked to Oliver, and he told me how smoothly he and Chloe fused their hero green and geek chic.
Clark: Don't worry. My "for better or worse" will include your love of hair metal.
Season Ten, Dominion