Whitney Fordman had a number of near-death experiences before eventually dying in combat in Indonesia.

Image Episode Episode Name Near-death experience
SmallvilleS1E1136 1x01 Pilot Jeremy Creek would have killed all the students of Smallville High, including Whitney if Clark Kent hadn't stopped him.
Metamor 1x02 Metamorphosis Whitney would have died in the explosion of his truck after he was attacked by Greg Arkin if Clark hadn't pulled him out.
1x05 Cool Sean Kelvin almost sucked the heat out of his body but he sought refuge in the Luthor Mansion along with Lana Lang.
1x08 Jitters Whitney almost died in a gas explosion at the LuthorCorp plant but Lex Luthor saved him and the rest of his class.
1x11 Hug Whitney would have been killed by Kyle Tippet with a baseball bat after he had been persuaded to kill Tippet by Bob Rickman if Clark hadn't intervened.
Kine28 1x13 Kinetic Whitney was almost crushed by a falling car but Clark pushed him out of the way.
1x17 Reaper Whitney was knocked unconscious by Tyler Randall and possibly would have been killed along with his father, George Fordman, if Clark hadn't intervened.
1x20 Obscura Whitney and Lana were nearly caught in a gas-line explosion.
Visage2 2x11 Visage Whitney died in combat in Indonesia.


  • Whitney was the first main character to die.

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