William McBride
Occupation Psychologist at Belle Reve (Formerly)
Played By John Pyper-Ferguson
Status Alive (Incarcerated at Belle Reve)

Dr. William McBride is a psychologist at Belle Reve who treated Alicia Baker, a teleporting teen who was sent to the institution for attempting to murder Lana Lang in a jealous rage. He fashioned a bracelet that released trace amounts of lead into Alicia's bloodstream to prevent her from using her power.

Season Four

With these controls in place, Alicia was given a clean bill of health and, upon her release, reunited with her boyfriend Clark Kent. Dr. McBride believed it was her obsession with Clark that caused her murderous tendencies and he began to follow Alicia. He approached her and warned her to stay away from Clark, which Alicia was not willing to do.

Dr. McBride had apparently developed his own obsession with his young patient and sought to remove Clark by shooting him. However, Alicia teleported in front of the bullet to protect Clark's secret and Clark threw McBride through the barn wall. McBride survived and was sent to Belle Reve for treatment.