Mayor Tate
William Tate
Family Unknown
Occupation Former Deputy sheriff, Mayor of Smallville
Played By William B. Davis
Status Incarcerated

Mayor William Tate was a sheriff deputy who was later elected mayor of Smallville.

Early life

In 1961, he was in love with Louise McCallum and had Lachlan Luthor try to kill Jor-El (disguised as Joe the Drifter) and frame Dex McCallum so that he could have Louise all to himself. Though he framed Dex, Jor-El escaped and Louise got caught in the crossfire.

Season Two

In 2002, as mayor, he tried to bribe Lex before issuing the permits so he could expand LexCorp, but Lex refused and supported his opponent in the upcoming election.

Season Three

In 2003, he confessed to Sheriff Adams that he was responsible for what happened to Louise after Clark- having learned the truth about Jor-El's involvement in Louise's death- confronted Tate, using Jor-El's old clothes and his speed to pose as Joe's 'ghost' and provoke him into a confession. He was subsequently sent to prison and has not been seen since.