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Luthor Mansion wine cellar

The Luthor Mansion wine cellar is used to store wine. [picture needed]

Physical Appearance

Season Four

The evil side of Lex Luthor, that split off due to black kryptonite, chained Lex down here because he was unsure of what would happen to him if he killed Lex. Clark Kent sped to the mansion and heard his muffled wheezing using his super hearing and merged them back together by heating up the evil Lex's green kryptonite ring creating black kryptonite.

Season Six

Lana Lang finds out Clark's secret on the day of her wedding to Lex. She hid Lex's gift in the cellar and sent Chloe Sullivan to get it, but then locks Chloe up in order to find the truth about Clark, who shows up to Chloe's aid. Lana witnessed Clark's powers of super strength and heat vision, and overheard Chloe and Clark argue over Clark's feelings for Lana. Overhearing that, Lana nearly called off the wedding, but was stopped by Lionel Luthor.

Season Nine