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This page contains a list of records and acheivements set by the WB/CW TV series Smallville, inorder by season and episode.

Season One


  • First Superman based series to be made during the two-thousands.
  • First live action Superman series since Dean Cain's Lois and Clark.
  • First TV series to showcase Clark's journey toward becoming Superman.
  • First appearence of Lionel Luthor in any form of media.
  • First appearence of Chloe Sullivan in any form of media.
  • First appearence of Whitney Fordham in any form of media.
  • First TV series set in Smallville since Superboy.
  • First live action appearence of Lana Lang since the Superboy TV Series.
  • First live action appearence of Pete Ross.
  • First live action appearence of Jonathan and Martha Kent since the Lois and Clark TV Series.
  • First live action appearence of Lex Luthor since the Lois and Clark TV Series.
  • First appearence of Super Strength, Super Speed and Invulnerability in the series.


  • First appearence of flight or levitation on Smallville.
  • First of many "Freak of the Week" episodes.


  • First in series appearence of Lionel Luthor.
  • First appearence of Principal Kwan


  • First appearence of X-Ray vision in the series
  • First female villain of the series


  • Introduction of Cyrokenisis into the series


  • First belevonent Meteor-infected person to be on the series
  • Introduction of precognition to the series


  • Amy Adams appears, the first Superman-alumni to appear on the series.


  • First of many allusions to the House of El symbol Clark will wear with the Alexander the great chestplate.


  • First appearence of Warrior Angel, making him the first superhero created for a Superman TV series since Resplendent Man from Lois and Clark.

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