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Clark using X-ray vision

X-ray vision is the ability to see through anything, except for lead. While it's still developing, it appears that Kryptonians can only use the X-ray aspect, and can later use it without it.[1] The ability appears to require active concentration.[2]

Characters who have displayed x-ray vision



  • Within the series, only Kryptonians are shown to possess it. Martians may possess this ability; however, John Jones has yet to demonstrate it.
  • Practically every time X-ray vision is used, there is a unique sound effect, no matter whether the X-ray image is shown.
  • Most of the time, images from X-ray vision resembles real-life X-ray photos (thus having, the colors blue, white and black); however, Clark has used the traditional "see-through vision" a few times, including when he accidentally looked into the girl's locker room in X-Ray, and as Kal, intentionally saw through Lana and Chloe's clothes in Red.


In The Comics

Sensor girl

Superman uses his X-ray vision to confirm Sensor Girl's identity.

Superman's vast senses grant him the ability to see through solid objects, usually with the exception of lead. Explanations for how this power works vary, but rarely include the emission and perception of actual X-rays, as such high-energy radiation would actually be dangerous to living things he uses it on. A more common theory involves being able to see and concentrate on the patterns of natural cosmic radiation as it reverberates off objects.

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  1. Evidenced by Clark first seeing Tina Greer as a skeleton in X-Ray.
  2. Stated by Clark in Infamous.
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