Fallout Yance
Occupation Student
Played By Brandon Jay McLaren
Status Deceased

Yance was a young resident of Oakland, California.

Season Six

Around the time that Clark escaped from the Phantom Zone, he and his friend Lamar were playing basketball. Yance lost the game but was reluctant to pay off on their bet, instead suggesting a rematch the following night. Lamar was reluctant because he had a test.

The conversation was cut short when they witnessed the appearance in the sky of several phantoms, one of whom crashed nearby. Despite Yance's warnings, Lamar went to investigate. When Yance followed him, he found Lamar possessed by Baern, who asked him where Kal-El was. When Yance failed to understand the question, Baern disintegrated him.


  • Brandon Jay McLaren, the actor who plays Yance, played the Delivery Man in Covenant.
  • Brandon Jay McLaren played the S.P.D. Red Ranger in Power Rangers S.P.D..

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