Zod has had a number of near-death experiences.

Image Episode Episode Name Near-death experience
S9zod1 9x01 Savior Zod's clone was powerless and at risk on Earth when his troops turned on him and beat him into unconsciousness but he was able to convince them to trust him again.
S9zod2 9x07 Kandor Twenty years before Krypton's destruction, a nuclear blast by Black Zero destroyed Kandor and almost killed Zod's original self, who started to walk towards Kandor (where his wife and child reside) just as the blast hit. His life was saved by Jor-El, who restrained him and told him there was nothing he could do.
S9zod3 9x09 Pandora Zod's clone was de-powered and almost killed by Clark in the alternate future when Chloe Sullivan reversed the effect of the solar tower and removed Zod's powers. However, Zod was able to get the upper hand once more.
S9zod4 9x15 Conspiracy Zod's clone died when Dr. Bernard Chisholm shot him. He was only able to survive after Clark gave him some of his blood.
S9zod5 9x18 Upgrade Zod's clone was almost strangled by Clark (infected by red kryptonite) but used his new found powers to over power and stop him.
S9zod6 9x20 Sacrifice Zod's clone was shot with Oliver Queen's kryptonite arrow but managed to remove it before the effects could kill him.
S9zod7 9x22 Salvation Zod's clone was almost beaten to death by Tess Mercer's kryptonite brass knuckles. He survived by getting far enough away from the effects to heal.


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